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  1. No hot air on windscreen/foreword vents

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, I've got a problem on my 2010 T5.1. The fan works on all settings (so not the resistor pack) and I can get the heater working when setting the vents to the footwell/footwell and windscreen setting (dial down or left) but when on the windscreen only (up) or foreword position (right) I...
  2. Flush fitting roof fan?

    Has anyone managed to find a roof vent fan which is more or less flush from the outside? Ideally no more than 2cm raise, 5cm max. Looking for a powered fan, one at each end probably to create a tunnel effect. Dont want to go over 2m total height for my van, so I can still get in my local...
  3. air con with sreange problem

    General T5 Technical
    Hello all, My T5 air con is blowing nice and cold out of the 2 drivers side dash vents but warm out of the 2 passenger side dash vents, how can this be? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  4. Climatronic / Climate control flashing 27 times

    Hi all, Right I've been through the forum and cannot find anything anywhere to why it's flashing 27 times and or what the fault is. :* It all started 2 weeks ago when suddenly my beautiful white 1996 Longnose T4 Multivan decided that the aircon was not going to work properly, not good when you...
  5. just saying hellooo

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello just making a first hello as a newbie on here!! been using the site as a wicked reference for my T4 conversion! i have a 1995 diesel yellow t4 and recently converted her to a camper. wondered if i could get any tips on the fan system in the drivers side? drove it over the weekend and it...
  6. Climatronic fault Caravelle executive

    Hi, can anyone help please? Blower has stopped working in the front and windscreen, although it still works in the back of the van. Air still comes out warm when the engine is hot. I called the RAC and it came up fault code B10A001 front fresh air blower electrical fault. Also B10AF04 air...
  7. Air-con freewheel bolt..?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I have a T5 2.5 AXE engine with air-con and need to replace the gates freewheel clutch, problem is the bloody bolt in the center of it...! Is it left or right handed thread..? as it is insanely tight and I don't want to do damage to bolt or thread. Thanks to anyone that can give this info.T:
  8. Air con t5

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Recently bought complete Ac system from write off t5 1.9 Does anyone know the list of part numbers needed Also anyway in Plymouth area who could install into my T5 1.9
  9. Looking for a T5 4motion LWB

    General T5 Chat
    Hi All, I am looking for a T5 4mo LWB with air con & low-mid mileage. If anyone spots, knows or has one they are changing up, let me know. Didn't seem to have access to the wanted page...? Cheers! Sam
  10. Vw caddy 2001 - tdi - air con - heated seats

    Vans For Sale
    CADDY 2001 1.9 TDI - ALH 90 BHP I bought this caddy from friend of mine who needed bigger van for his window cleaning business. This is the highest spec caddy you will find in the very rare black colour I have tidied it up from time when i have bought it. It had a new slip ring, full...
  11. VW T5 Kombi conversion �14995 NO VAT 68k miles captains seats ac etc

    Vans For Sale
    VW T5 Kombi conversion £14995 NO VAT 68k miles captains seats ac etc VW T5 Kombi LWB 2009 67k miles MOT Serviced leather AC etc... 2 leather captains front seats. Removable foldable leather triple rear with seat belts. Carpeted and insulated. Altro floor. Air con. Electric windows...
  12. Tdi conversion - Fit air con from mk3 golf?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm in the midst of dropping an ahu tdi unit from a mk3 golf into my early t4, and have been trying to figure out whether I can fit the air con from the golf in while I'm at it. It's only basic air con so not the climatronic system, so hopefully it shouldn't be too complicated. Has anyone done...
  13. vw t5 transporter swb tailgate air con 2 sliding doors no vat

    Vans For Sale
    vw t5 transporter 2008 swb tailgate air con 2 sliding doors no vat Vw Transporter van. No vat. now reduced to £8950 or offers around. Also on ebay item no 252009334672 Ive owned this van from brand new, specially ordering Twin sliding doors and a Tailgate with metallic paint and Air...
  14. Which models/engine size had aircon from factory?

    General T4 Chat
    I've been doing a bit of research and although some people claim to have 1.9td's that have had aircon in since they were new I'm pretty sure that it was only the 2.5tdi's. The reason for asking is beacuse I am hoping to retro fit aircon to my now 1.9tdi T4 and I cannot for the life of me find...
  15. Rear Airconditioner T5 Passenger Carrier

    General T5 Technical
    I have a T5 which has aircon control and vents in the rear passenger compartment. There are are 3 switches which control the airflow to the vents 1.) Directs air to vents directly above passenfer seats 2.) Directs air to vents above the passenger windows 3.) Directs air to vents in the side...
  16. T4 air pipe/ trunking under bonnet

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, first thread so be kind. Can anyone give me the part number or where to find that trunking/ pipe that runs between the bonnet intake and the interior, I also assume there should be a filter there. Thanks Callum
  17. VW shuttle air con help!!

    Hi, I am trying to re-connect rear ceiling mounted air con unit after Pop up roof fitted. Van is 07 T5 with rear air con. Problem is the connector plugs are missing from the loom. (some wally cut off and threw away) I was wondering whether anyone can take a picture of the two connectors that...
  18. Shuttle rear air con - help needed!!!

    Hi guys, I have had a pop up roof installed to my 07 shuttle, problem is they have removed or hidden the wiring for the rear air-con and roof vent/controls. :( I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction on where the wiring loom would come from / to to save me time and more damage...
  19. AirCon will not start

    General Technical
    Issue #999 AirCon... Hi Guy's I have read a few Air con.... not working threads, unfortunatly, although i have similar failure symtoms - i.e its an electrical issue... The compressor will not kick in, not even intimitently.. so I looked for the fuses etc as shown on other threads however i have...