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  1. Windscreen Hot air blower

    General T5 Technical
    Caravelle 2006, For some reason mine is not clearing the windscreen anymore..:sneaky:.there is a lot of noise but virtually no air coming up on to the windscreen. If I move it to face blowers or feet it works. Any ideas ? is there a pipe that has come out so air not getting pushed through? TIA :)
  2. Fan Duct selector toggle/switch broken

    I have 2008 T5 Transporter with the same problem as all of them have. The rotor-toggle for the fan duct selector is broken. As the rest of them this one had a kinked wire, and i tried to fix it. But i think the wire was kinked from the other parts deeper inside beeing jammed / stuck. Trying to...
  3. Air Awning AND extension for £449 this weekend.

    Get a total bargain as we are clearing stock so have a new offer every day this month. This weekend we have the Cocoon Breeze Inflatable 5 berth Driveaway Awning (5000HH and bedroom inner included, sewn in groundsheet too) available in either Sage and Chalk, Orange and Blue, or Blue and Grey...
  4. Inflatable Awnings from £289

    We've got a cracking sale on at OLPRO for the next week - our inflatable awnings start at £289. We also offer free delivery, no quibble returns, a year's guarantee, click and collect, and 0% finance. Take a look.
  5. 1.9TD Air Intake Grill

    Customising / Modding
    Here are some pics of my DIY air intake grill made in aluminium mesh sheet, available from most hardware stores; stuck on with Gorilla gaffa tape from inside.
  6. awning advice for T5

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, Does anyone have any advice on the best awning for a T5. Are the new air rail systems any good? It needs to be a drive away version, with sealed groundsheet and big enough to sit 4 people in with table. I do have a thule omnistor awning already fitted, but needed something a bit more...
  7. T5 Front Seat Airbag

    General T5 Chat
    Does anyone know if a T5 front passenger seat airbag unit has any value / use to anyone? Also how best to deactivate it if not? I want to keep the back plate and cover (or get another set if someone wants the whole unit). Many thanks, Ant.
  8. Air Escape back of dashboard 2.8 VR6

    General Technical
    Hi folks, your thoughts please. As the title states. I have a 2.8 VR6 Auto on a 99. When the engine is running there is a hissing sound from underneath the drivers side Dashboard behind the clocks. Having stripped dashboard down, engine running, no air can be felt. Upon the depressing of...
  9. Caravelle multivan, ac not working! Climatronic

    General T5 Technical
    Got a 2006 caravelle with the climatronic. Had it regassed and it's still in there, so no leaks. The plastic clutch thing (gates coupling) that often brakes is ok apparently. I lost the blowers about 4months ago for about a week and then they've been fine since. Anyone have any other ideas? Or...
  10. Air in diesel circuit

    Engine & Gearbox
    Dear fellow T4 owners, I own an AAB 2.4 T4 from 1991 and although I am happy with it, it has never been easy to start up. I first thought it would be a problem with the glow plugs. Although it was a hell of a job, I managed to change them all but things didnt get any better (I tested the plugs...
  11. Fan Blower doesn't stick in one position - any ideas?

    General T5 Chat
    After the help I received last time here thought would put another issue on here... done a forum search but can't find exactly the same issue... Basically my dashboard heater blower switch will work fine on 3 out of 4 positions (air blower and AC) but not in the 'three o'clock' position which...
  12. Whole lot of Hot Air

    General Technical
    Hey dudes, Have a T4 that is blowing hot air from side and lower vents, even when dial turned to cold. From looking at other threads this is a common issue. However the ball-valve mechanism seems to be working fine (have taken off hose and checked it is opening and closing when dial in cab is...
  13. Multivan T5 heating issue (digital control)

    Hi, I've been having in issue on the car, for which I have not found similar thread anywhere. The car has a digital/automatic heater control (the car is 2004 T4 Multivan). Even with the motor running at full speed, the front air vents do not pas too much air. The air blow is really lame. Also...
  14. Follow up about Idle Air Control Valve

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys I posted a few weeks ago about my van revving up and down by itself. Someone suggested that I clean the Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) with carburettor cleaner. I did this but it didn't solve the problem. Basically what happens is when the IACV is connected the van starts perfectly but...
  15. Air Mass Sensor, Original VW unused

    Parts For Sale
    Guys for sale is a unused new Official VW Air mass sensor for a T4 2.5tdi. I thought my van needed one, but it didn't so bought it and never fitted. I now cant return it to VW, so its for sale here. I bought it for £120. So offers as near to that and ill be happy. It will come with the...
  16. Air-con retrofit - Anyone done it?

    As it says on the tin. My 888 X-Pack has it all bar air-con and the kids are melting... "Close the windows dad ,it's tooo nooooooisy" ....... "I'm tooooooooooo hot now dad". :( Get the picture - love my van, wan't air-con. Anything considered second hand VW parts, aftermarket kit, whatever...