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  1. Transporter Parts - Steering Wheels - Airbags

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I have a few of the below due to being paid in parts for some work I did recently... happy to do dscounts if you need wheel and airbag. All spotless condition. Steering Wheels Very good condition three spoke steering wheels - taken from lo mileage vans that have had steering wheel upgrades at...
  2. Steering Wheel Replaced/ Airbag Light Issue

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and a first-time T4 owner. I'm planning on doing up my T4 1.9D Caravelle so I can live in it during the work week. Having just bought the van last week it's now being looked at to sort out the repairs, necessary work etc. as it is quite old. It was registered...
  3. Passenger side lower dash removal

    Hi guys, new here and just bought my T5 2009 multivan comfortline last week. I was told the blower had problems so followed this thread and thought OK no problem. Well it aint so easy in my case. Firstly, I have a lefthand drive (I live in CH). Secondly, I can't get the single piece dash off...
  4. Removing AirBag steering wheel ........ would you ?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, I have a MultiVan that has the OE AirBag steering wheel ........ I don't particularly like the 'truck like' steering wheels, so I'm hoping to install a smaller diameter MOMO steering wheel. If the airbag is permanently disconnected will it throw up an error code on the electronics ...
  5. Passenger Airbag v Crash Tested RnR Bed

    General T4 Chat
    Hello, We have a T4 conversion, the van was originally registered in February 2003 but we don't know whether or not it has passenger airbags. This is an issue as we have an 8 month old baby! First of all we didn't think it had airbags (as there is nothing written on the dashboard etc) so we...
  6. ABS/Airbag warning lamp unit

    Hi can anyone help at all please? I'm looking for an ABS/Airbag warning lamp unit for the dashboard of a 1997 2.5 TDI T4. (part number - 7D0919253C) It seems that one of the previous owners has removed it and replaced with a blanking plate. I've tried VW Heritage with no luck and have...
  7. Airbag removal on facelift T5 2011

    Hi all, I've read numerous posts on here about removing the airbag from my steering wheel and tried for hours to remove. I'm starting to wonder if there is a different technique for facelift T5 wheels. Anyone any ideas or managed to get their airbag off a Facelift? Cheers Jim
  8. Airbags not wanted

    Hi all Just finished a little job om the Mrs,s T5 transporter , mounting a doublle passenger seat , and ,,,well it fitted nicly , the saftybelt work ok But on the electrical side its.worse when starting up I got the airbag warning light and when checking with VAG-com i got: 01218 - Side...
  9. Airbag Clockspring

    My van has been off the road for nearly a month now and the ECU and cluster has been sent off for re-manufacture. In the process of my investigations I've had the steering wheel apart to discover that my air bag is a replacement and has not been connected for the duration of my ownership. This...
  10. Wanted - T5 dual passenger Airbag & plastic dash insert

    Is anyone breaking a T5 van or caravelle? We've just swapped a single captains seat for a twin, and now I need to look at changing out the single in-dash airbag for a double. Any ideas welcomed. T:
  11. T4-no air bag, no abs? worth buying?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all Quick question. Is the lack of abs and airbag a deal breaker for you when buying a T4? Aslo comments welcome on safety vs a maintenance perspective Re: airbags, abs.
  12. T5 Front Seat Airbag

    General T5 Chat
    Does anyone know if a T5 front passenger seat airbag unit has any value / use to anyone? Also how best to deactivate it if not? I want to keep the back plate and cover (or get another set if someone wants the whole unit). Many thanks, Ant.
  13. ** can i replace dash trim under pass. Airbag??? **

    Hello All My rectangular trim covering the passenger dash airbag is scratched- looking to fit a new trim piece. I can unclip it of the dash slightly but it is held in with some white webbing behind. VW tell me that the entire airbag needs to be taken out in order to replace this trim- really...
  14. Airbag faults Vagcom?

    Hello! As my name suggests I'm a new Caravelle T5 174 auto owner. I bought the van as a disabled conversion and have spent the past week having the wheelchair lift/electric drivers seat & hand controls removed. These have all been done now but this has left me with a few problems that I'm...
  15. Replaceing the Steering Wheel

    Steering & Suspension
    I have to replace the steering wheel on my T5. I want to be ultra safe on this one as I am quite mindful of the airbag in the steering wheel and want to make sure I don't set it off while changing it. I am also interested in the general proceedure. Does anyone know of a good source on how that...
  16. Help Required - Airbag reset - Wlits/Oxon area

    General T5 Technical
    Long time browser, non poster so far... Im having an issue with my 2006 VW T5 Autosleeper Trident with the 2.5l Turbo Diesel. About 6 months or so ago the battery went dead (its not used enough) and ever since the airbag light comes on. Ive done a scan with a basic scanner I have and its...
  17. Airbag light, clock spring??

    Hi everyone, My airbag light has recently come on (and stayed on) on my t4 (2.5 tdi, 53 plate). Plugged it into a mates vagcom, and it came up with the following error codes (which wont clear or turn the dash light off): Address 15: Airbags Labels: 1J0-909-60x-VW3.LBL Controller: 1J0...
  18. passenger airbag

    Anyone have one for sale and for a reasonable price please?T: If you have then can you PM me with details please,i will probably forget i started this thread and will forget to check itI:
  19. steering wheel help?

    Steering & Suspension
    hi all, here we go.... basically i've got a 95 T4 which means the steering wheel is the 17mm spline and has no airbag... i've been tryin to find a boss kit for it but T4sRus dont sell them anymore. i've been hunting around and managed to find a trade dealership that has ordered me an adaptor to...
  20. Removing airbag/ steering wheel. Help.

    I want to remove my steering wheel in order to fit cruise control and have been following the instructions that come with the unit to unhook the two clips behind the airbag that hold it (an the horn) on. The trouble is that I can't feel the clips at all - the screwdriver just slips off the metal...