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  1. No air con ... how can we cool down when driving ?!

    General Van Chat
    Hey everyone Really hope someone can help... last summer we got really warm when driving and struggled to cool down. Looking for ways to avoid it this year. I have a LWB T5 without air con, and understand that retro-fitting it will be expensive / painful. How are others managing to lower the...
  2. 2.5 AXD P/S Pump required

    Steering & Suspension
    Our van has a power steering leak, and the aircon no longer works, I have checked the aircon free wheel and its duff, the reason it don't work is pressure related, of course I have to remove the aircon pump to get at the PS pump anyway, so may replace them both at the same time (I know the...
  3. rear air conditioner in 2008 T5 Caravelle

    General T5 Technical
    Hi All, My first post so here goes. My 2008 T5 VW Caravelle was purchased used with rear air con which never workedso I need some advise. What is the purpose of the 2 plastic pipes coming from the front of the body and ends in a small radiator? This unit has 3 radiators by the way. The one...
  4. Under bench AC - Tips for fitting?

    Been looking at fitting AC in the van as we're heading down to Albania/Greece in the summer and its going to be rooooasting! I figure that we could retrofit, but then we'd only be able to use it when engine is running. Best solution I can find is an under bench unit like the Dometic Freshwell...
  5. Aircon Relay T4 2003 TDi

    Does anyone know where the Aircon relay is? I've got a diagnostic guy out at the moment, and we can't find the reason behind my aircon suddenly stopping :* There is now power to the compressor switch. I've been trying for the last year to find out what's wrong with it and if we get another...
  6. Interior heat exchanger condenser swap Special Moment

    General T5 Technical
    Hello all, Had an extremely special moment and put a screw into my aircon pipe on the interior heat exchanger. Long story (hot day today and need to get it fixed!). Horrible moment listening to the gas escaping for about 10mins and I knew it was expensive... I'm hoping I've only pierced the...
  7. Aircon and solar PV - Could dometic RTX 2000 actually work while parked?

    Ok I get it, running AC on 12/24V while parked up is exceptionally difficult if not impossible. But the new unit from Dometic (RTX 2000) looks like it 'could' work. Its designed for a truck but I dont see why it wouldn't work in a van.... anyone seen it done before? When I looked at this...
  8. Aircon drain?

    General T5 Chat
    I had the puddle under the van this afternoon that requires the mandatory dipping and sniffing of fingers to establish that its not something more serious that water. My suspicion (backed up by you lovely folk on here) was that the aircon was draining off. I traced the water drips back to the...
  9. Where's the 'OFF' switch !?

    ........... for the blower in the rear of a MultiVan !? I've got a Climatronic system in my MultiVan ( BigBlue ) ......... there's a big vent in the rear of the van just behind the passenger seat. A couple of weeks ago I was messing with the aircon system, and since then I've not been able...
  10. Aircon - run on

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? My t5 has developed a fault. When you switch off the engine you can hear a fan or something similar gradually slowing down - this run on takes about 20-30 seconds to finally stop after ignition is switched off. The top of the dash used to get ice cold before...
  11. Aircon, what to do?

    General T4 Chat
    I have a Spanish LHD T4, it's a 1.9D and I'd like to keep it. But in the area of Spain that I will be living in, I really need aircon. A couple of things I'm considering: Just buy another van that has AC, but mine is well sorted, and an early van. Also has the benefit of being an Historic...
  12. T5.1 A/C retrofit kits

    Services, Repairs & Maintenance
    We are a Webasto main dealer and are now able to offer a retrofit A/C solution for T5.1 (T5 GP) vans! Using a custom made evaporator and slim line condenser, high quality after market compressor and pipe work, we can install air conditioning in your non A/C T5.1 This is the system you have been...
  13. Air-Con Regas/Refill @ TVS only £40

    Services, Repairs & Maintenance
    **SUMMER OFFER** Air-Con Refill for only £40.00!!! Did you know that your Air-Con system should be checked regularly? It is recommended that you should recharge your Air Conditioning system with gas and lubricant every two year to keep it running efficiently. A drop in gas pressure will...
  14. Aircon

    General Technical
    Hi anyone know where I can get my aircon compressor reconditioned or exchanged, it's an old v belt one off a 1994 lhd multivan and the bearings are slowing the belts down, had to bypass it and now I've got a floppy belt, anyone help? Ta from Rob
  15. T4 Caravelle or Mulitvan with twin airbags and A/C

    Searching for a T4 caravelle or multivan that has both A/C and driver's and passenger's airbag as minimum spec. :* If anyone out there needs to sell or knows of one it would be most appreciated. Cheers.
  16. Syncro aircon

    Hi, I am working on getting the air con sorted on my T4 Syncro and need to track down the following parts... J32 (140) Clutch Relay J365 (147) Shut off Relay F163 Thermo switch Any help here gratefully received... Many thanks Nick
  17. Electrical questions, inverters running air con

    Hi all, The Christmas break has given me plenty of time to ponder the next addition to the van. We're planning on fitting the dometic hb2500 air conditioning and heater unit in a cupboard. I'm fine on the 240v side however dometic say you can run it off an inverter when the engine is running...
  18. 2000 VW Caravelle: Daily, Tow Barge and Family Bus

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    In 2011 we decided to get a Caravelle and say goodbye to my old T4 and Bay. We had a reasonable budget and set our hearts on a low mileage SWB Caravelle with twin sliding doors and aircon. This would be my daily, surf bus, a tow car for track days and our family vehicle. Lots of searching and...
  19. Swapping complete aircon set up from one t4 to another t4 !!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all anyone done a complete system swap of a factory fitted aircon from one t4 van to another t4..ie if you had 2 vans next to each other and you wanted to swap the complete aircon set up from one to the other is it a huge job on a t4 ? I am potentially doing his but like to know any...
  20. adding after market aircon

    T5 Conversions
    I have a T5 startline multivan and find that the aircon is completely inadequate for passengers in the back. Has anyone had any luck fitting some sort of after market aircon unit. Perhaps something like they use on camper vans?