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  1. Electrical
    Does anyone know where the Aircon relay is? I've got a diagnostic guy out at the moment, and we can't find the reason behind my aircon suddenly stopping :* There is now power to the compressor switch. I've been trying for the last year to find out what's wrong with it and if we get another...
  2. Electrical
    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? My t5 has developed a fault. When you switch off the engine you can hear a fan or something similar gradually slowing down - this run on takes about 20-30 seconds to finally stop after ignition is switched off. The top of the dash used to get ice cold before...
  3. General T4 Chat
    I have a Spanish LHD T4, it's a 1.9D and I'd like to keep it. But in the area of Spain that I will be living in, I really need aircon. A couple of things I'm considering: Just buy another van that has AC, but mine is well sorted, and an early van. Also has the benefit of being an Historic...
  4. General Technical
    Hi anyone know where I can get my aircon compressor reconditioned or exchanged, it's an old v belt one off a 1994 lhd multivan and the bearings are slowing the belts down, had to bypass it and now I've got a floppy belt, anyone help? Ta from Rob
  5. Wanted
    Searching for a T4 caravelle or multivan that has both A/C and driver's and passenger's airbag as minimum spec. :* If anyone out there needs to sell or knows of one it would be most appreciated. Cheers.
  6. General T5 Technical
    I have a T5 which has aircon control and vents in the rear passenger compartment. There are are 3 switches which control the airflow to the vents 1.) Directs air to vents directly above passenfer seats 2.) Directs air to vents above the passenger windows 3.) Directs air to vents in the side...
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Has anyone on here had air conditioning and managed to fit a Front Mount Intercooler as well? I have removed the slam panel and grill to have a look at what size intercooler I can fit. The problem is that I have an aircon radiator/heat exchanger in front of my radiator and one of the aluminium...
  8. General Technical
    hi my 2.5tdi caravelle air con makes a terrible racket when i turn it on ? i was driving along air con on nice and cold all good when BANG! , followed by a terrible sound from the fans . the noise goes when i turn off the air con as the fans stop but when i turn it on its awful , what controls...
  9. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    G'day, I have a couple of issues with my T4; It's heating up here in Australia and the aircon is on the blink. I tried regassing with my fridgey mate last summer but had no luck getting it working. When running you can here a hissing noise inside the cabin (not a gas leak). Does anyone know of...
  10. Electrical
    Hi all. Just bought a 130 auto diesel on an '05 reg. Aircon not working and ac specialist has told us there is plenty of gas in it but the coupling has gone and quoted us £275 to fix it !! Anybody had the same problem before I think about shelling that lot out. Cheers.
1-10 of 11 Results