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  1. Clifford Avant Guard 5.5

    Any reviews ? Any body had one fitted ? Mostly interested on your opinion on the remote start. Cheers Gav
  2. Credit where credit is due

    I have not long picked up my new (to me) T5.1. Its an ex Demo 140 SWB panel with various options but minus an alarm. Not too bad really as got a good deal on it so didnt mind paying out for an alarm. Looking on the forum for alarms/fitters I Rang Stereo Steve up and booked in to make the 210...
  3. Alarm randomly triggered

    Hi, Wondered if anyone can help. I have a 54 plate T5 LWB converted panel van. My alarm is randomly going off, sometimes once every few weeks sometimes several times a day. Here are some key facts: 1. I have recently fixed the common central locking problem with the corroded joint under the...
  4. Alarm Help

    Well after a close call with some members of the traveling community I decided I need an alarm. The thin is what type make model ect? Fitted or DIY ? And what price am I looking? The vans got factory central locking and I'm informed an imobaliser. Any advice a big help thanks Oz
  5. ! How to - brake light switch / flashing glow plug light

    As you may or may not know in most cases when the glow plug light flashes on your dash board (when driving!) its something to do with the brake lights or related electrical system. The ideal when the glow plug light flashes (now to be refereed to as GPLF) is to connect to a VAG COM as what is...
  6. Alarm removal - Help needed asap :eek:

    Hi, I have a Sigma alarm on my 98 T4, unfortunately im stuck in bristol (not where i live) with a broken key fob (the only 1) and no code to disable the alarm. Can any one please please please advise me on the following: 1. why my keyfob would randomly stop working, i have changed the...
  7. Can you identify this T4 alarm?

    Hi, My Dad recently bought a T4 with a fitted alarm system. The alarm can currently only be activated by using a contact platic fob. There is also a remote button on the key but it does not work. We do not know the make or model of the alarm system. The previous owner said he had changed the...
  8. Door locks / remote locking?

    General T4 Chat
    The door locks (barrels) in my front passenger and sliding door have come out - I still have the passenger one but sliding door one was missing when I bought the van. Does anyone know if this is easy to fix and if so how? I can put the passenger door one back in to lock and unlock the door but...
  9. Is it really worth fitting an alarm???

    General T4 Chat
    Hello I'm interested in peoples thoughts on alarms. I got my T4 Westy last weekend, and I am thinking about having a Cat1 fitted Is it worth the money? Im in two minds, I guess its easy to spend the cost of an alarm on bling for the van, which may seem crazy if your not prepared to spend out...
  10. alarm led/ultrasonic disabling button

    I'm hoping someone can help i've managed to get the genuine vw alarm allready installed on the van i've bought working, i belive the led has a push switch incorperated in it to turn off the ultrasonic detectors in the van ( for example if you leave your staffordshire bull terrior in there!)...
  11. cheap alarm and central locking-too good to be true

    Hi, I've been looking around for a central locking kit for the van and also some kind of alarm. I found this...
  12. autowatch alarm query

    just fitted an autowatch 161 today and got most of it working but ive one query the backup key thingy it says to use this connect one wire to the red wire on the main module and the other wire to ground. the red wire for this function apears on the diagram to be seperate to the loom plug, my...