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alloys for sale
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    £300. Will upload close ups asap. 3 tyres passed MOT, 1 failed. Not much tread left on the 3 that passed. Bedminster/Clifton/Nailsea based. Collection only please. They can be picked up at flexible times - day/eve/weekend. Get hold of me via pm. T:
  2. Parts For Sale
    16" genuine vw transporter alloys for sale FOR SALE Set of 4 genuine T5 alloys with 2 good tyres on rears and 2 borderline on fronts. All tyres load rated 950kg, 215x65 R16C wheels in very good condition, no kerbing whatsoever and only the odd small blemish (see pics) all nuts present and...
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    Looking for 19' alloys for t5. Anyone got any for sale ?
  4. Parts For Sale
    Firstly chaps im trying to gather intrest in some parts i have coming up soon as most of it i have'nt got a clue as to what its worth and would rather sell on here than on ebay so if you could help me out with pricing it would be much appreiciated ok so first, Genuine Porsche turbo wheels 18"...
  5. Parts For Sale
    I have a spare set of solid original 16" Audi (a6?) rims with 3 quality Hankook 205/65/r16c load rated properly at 107T and one new (same spec) Nexen which cost 130euros a month ago! Will measure tread tomo or day after when I fit my new alloys, but there plenty of meat left:). Also i will...
1-5 of 8 Results