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  1. Electrical
    Anyone added any dash ambient lighting to their T5.1? I've Had red ambient lighting (fitted in rear view mirror or interior light cluster) in my other cars and really want it in my van. I'm looking at some LED's to try to fit myself or has anyone fitted a replacement unit? hope this is clear...
  2. Electrical
    Has anyone fitted ones of these? If so what what colour of wire did you pull the power from on the headlight switch.
  3. Electrical
    I have currently the standard 4xIkea dioder down lights and have been looking for some ambient lighting to add. Has anyone got experience with this type of lighting? Link (just one example of hundreds on eBay when searching for LED strip light) 12v and can be cut to required length. I have...
  4. Interior
    Previous vehicles (BMW 1 series and vw golf) have had little (quite dim) red lights in the roof centre console which shine down on to the gear stick area at night. I would like to replicate these somehow in my t5.1, mainly so I can see the cupholders in the dark! Any bright ideas??
  5. Electrical
    Driving the T4 for the first time in the dark this week... WOW it is dark in there!!!! :eek: My dials are the ONLY light. (Other than a very dim hazard button) On my Zed there are quite a few dials and a HU that kick out quite a bit of light.... On the 118d we have, there are actual "ambient"...
1-5 of 5 Results