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  1. Powering a Guitar Amp

    Hi, if it were simple to do I'd be interested in being able to run my guitar amp from my battery. But just have a few questions is all that i hope you guys will know more than I do. Its a 15W amp but it says on the back that it needs a supply of 240V 75W. Is this something that the standard...
  2. Kenwood Amp and Sub for sale

    Kenwood 4 channel digital amp KAC PS4D and 12" sub KFC-WPS1200F for sale. With or without carpeted panels to fit T5. Includes remote control (at least I think that's what it's for...!) instructions and wires, full working order. £200 ono. 07813200973 [email protected] These are in...
  3. Dual source power for headunit/amp

    Hi Guys, i am currently insulating and lining my van and am trying to get all cabling in place so it is hidden behind the panels etc, My question is this, if i power the head unit in the factory manner, should i be using the same power source for the Amp, Basically if i power the Amp from the...
  4. cigarette lighter Fuse Amp

    I have recently fitted a new cigarette lighter from Halfords and 10amp fuse which was all working fine with hardly any use until yesterday, I have since replaced the fuse and is working up to now, on reading the back of the lighter packet it says when installing to use a 15amp-20amp fuse, I also...
  5. Sub amp connected to leisure batt - do i need a power switch to stop it draining?

    Hi, So ive upgraded my headunit, new speakers in the front and back and bought a sony sub and amp off ebay. Because my leisure battery is in the back by the wheel arch i thought it would be easier to run it off the leisure battery + im going to hookup the headunit to switch over to the leisure...
  6. Installing an amp

    Morning all, I'm a bit of a plum when it comes to stereo installs. I've got a mono amp in the van powering a small sub. This, and the rest of the stereo, are running off the leisure battery so I can use it parked up as well as driving. I've wired a switch into the sub and amp so I can turn them...
  7. Which amp fuse to use?

    Can anyone tell me what amp fuse is needed for the reverse parking sensors on a 2005 t30 2.5tdi? Can anyone also confirm that it is slot 8 on the bottom set of fuses? Many thanks :*
  8. Where Are You Hiding Your Amps?!

    About to install one or two amps but has to be in the cab and prefer not to put them in the double seat bin. Anybody managed to hide an amp under the dash somewhere and, if so, how and where? Obviously, it depends on the size of the thing but I reckon a compact amp could be hidden in the column...
  9. RCD200 Remote Pin?

    RCD200 has poo sound but, in my old age, I like the OEM look and feel and I'm not an ICE nut (anymore) so I want to run an amp from the stock head unit. Inputs I can sort but need to figure out whether any of the pins act just like a remote pin. Has anybody done any fettling??
  10. Finding the right amp for the job!

    Hey guys, Im not very savvy with the whole audio thing, but i have aquired two 150 watt speakers for the dash (50 watt RMS per speaker) and also two 450 watt kenwood speakers for the rear (80 watt RMS per speaker). The amp i am looking at buying is here...
  11. Where to mount speakers

    I have two 6x9's a 12" free air sub and an amp from my old car, where should I fit them in my T5? I have ruled out 6x9's in rear door cards as there is not enough space with the door motor. I did think about under the seats, I have two captains chairs so not much room under them though.
  12. ???Amp speaker noise, help needed on this one???

    I hope someone can help me shed some light on to my speaker noise frustrations. Installed my amps, sub and speakers last week only to find I get real bad noise interference. I am quite knowledgeable in the world of ICE and have fitted many systems my past cars. I thought a bit of troubleshooting...
  13. Any tips on fitting an amp?

    Hello! Currently have an Alpine CDE102Ri running to some Focal component speakers in the front (with passive crossovers), and out to a rear pair of Edge speakers in the rear, with the speaker wire to the rear speakers carefully threaded around/behind the plastic step lips and poked subtly around...
  14. Comps?? Yay or Nay?? ICE guru advice please

    Just got a Kenwood HU with only one RCA output. This is running to a sub with a built in amp. The dash speakers are the originals and running from the headunit. I want to upgrade these and whilst searching I came across these: http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/10642.html...
  15. Sub Amp

    Guys, I am looking for a low priced Sub Amp - happy with second hand - to power my 8 inch sub in the front. Doesn't need to be the most powerful thing in the world, just to add the touch to 4 6x9's and other assorted speakers. Budget - £40, ideally less - I know I'll be lucky but you've got to...
  16. after an amplifier

    hey all! just wanting to fit an old sub and amp in my T4 but the amp is knackered so after a new one. anyone got one they wanna sell cheap? not fussed on the state of it as it'll be hidden. as long as it works. also need a few cables like red power lead. i'm in Poole and can collect if fairly...
  17. Places for Amps

    I need a bit of advice, im putting a four channel amp in my ex-aa. Its a fairly chunky unit and wont fit under the passenger seat. where have you placed your amps? Im thinking maybe on the AA bulkhead but then if i move it all has to be disconnected also the power cables would need there own runs.
  18. Running 4 speakers off a Gamma unit

    My van came with a Beta head unit so in order to add some sounds for the back whilst camping I thought it should be simple enough to switch it for a Gamma unit, add the wiring for a pair of 6x9s and fit/wire it all up. But the speakers don't seem to be working at all (JVC CS-V6935 speakers good...
  19. Mosfet amp for sale

    MOSFET 240 Amp - 2 channels x 120W. Can run a sub and remote. What's it worth to anyone? £20 delivered? Now sold PM me, please. Keith