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  1. converting 12v to USB in dash tray?

    Hi, I want to convert the 12v in the dash tray to a usb connection with a toggle switch (as I think the power is always on?) I am doing it to run a little amplifier for a couple of speakers for our kids dvd player at the back because the other output options are (this little rig (running on...
  2. T5 amplifier wiring guide

    Hi everyone, First post here after getting myself a T5 last month. After buying it I was very disappointed by the quality of the sound system so have just bought a second hand subwoofer with attached amplifier. Haven't had much luck finding anyone in Edinburgh who can fit it for me so I'm...
  3. Upgrading Speaker set up and advise needed

    I have the Std woofer and tweeter Speaker set up with the Dandy HU at the monument. I want to get some better sound in the van. I have read the 38+pages of the speaker install so I hope I will be able to sort this but to start with I have just found some New Rainbow SLX625 Deluxe components in...
  4. My Sub build

    OK, so as hinted at HERE one of my current projects is a sub-woofer to be sited front and center to beef up my bottom end. ;) (sorry, been watching too much Bakeoff) For anyone interested the 'round the houses' back story to the current design, it can be seen on DIYaudio.com I'll be building it...
  5. speaker place ideas

    hi guys here is just a few ideas of where to put speakers in your t4 with minimal hassle:) The edge speakers with tweeters are said to fit straight in but they have to be mounted underneath the dash so the grill can go back on. This was difficult but if 4" speakers without built in tweeters are...
  6. To all you audiophiles out there ....... is this possible

    Hi all, I've had an idea in my head for quiet a while now on how I want my audio system set up. Firstly, I don't want to rush out and buy a whole pile of new kit. I have a decent Pioneer head unit, mediocre dash speakers and door speakers in padded door pockets ....... currently it sounds...
  7. Focal amp for sale!

    NOW SOLD For sale is a Focal FPP 2100 Amp, with box and Amp wiring hit (minus speaker cable). The amplifier is in as new condition and comes with fixing screws and high level cable and connector. £100 ONO. Delivery is available or if at BusFest at the weekend then it can be bought then. Any...
  8. Total clueless Re: watts, amps, speakers

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello, wondering if I can get a little help with choosing the correct amp to power some Pioneer 6x9's I've just purchased, they are 500w peak power and RMS 80w What amp should I be looking for to power them? 2 channel or 4 channel? Haven't a clue :* lol Many thanks!
  9. Where Are You Hiding Your Amps?!

    About to install one or two amps but has to be in the cab and prefer not to put them in the double seat bin. Anybody managed to hide an amp under the dash somewhere and, if so, how and where? Obviously, it depends on the size of the thing but I reckon a compact amp could be hidden in the column...
  10. RCD200 Remote Pin?

    RCD200 has poo sound but, in my old age, I like the OEM look and feel and I'm not an ICE nut (anymore) so I want to run an amp from the stock head unit. Inputs I can sort but need to figure out whether any of the pins act just like a remote pin. Has anybody done any fettling??
  11. Finding the right amp for the job!

    Hey guys, Im not very savvy with the whole audio thing, but i have aquired two 150 watt speakers for the dash (50 watt RMS per speaker) and also two 450 watt kenwood speakers for the rear (80 watt RMS per speaker). The amp i am looking at buying is here...
  12. ???Amp speaker noise, help needed on this one???

    I hope someone can help me shed some light on to my speaker noise frustrations. Installed my amps, sub and speakers last week only to find I get real bad noise interference. I am quite knowledgeable in the world of ICE and have fitted many systems my past cars. I thought a bit of troubleshooting...
  13. Any tips on fitting an amp?

    Hello! Currently have an Alpine CDE102Ri running to some Focal component speakers in the front (with passive crossovers), and out to a rear pair of Edge speakers in the rear, with the speaker wire to the rear speakers carefully threaded around/behind the plastic step lips and poked subtly around...
  14. New Stereo

    Hi My stereo does not have a phone connection so I cant use the phone whilst driving ;) Looking to buy a new one. 1/ needs bluetooth and a decent mic 2/ would like it to have a remote control so I can sit in the back and change tunes and that 3/ I run 2 5" w tweeters in the front and 2 6"...
  15. Caliber Rally CA2260 Amp

    Had this amp for a while, was in good working order when I took it out. So before it hits fleabay I thought I would see if anyone on here wants it. * 2 channel amplifier * 2 x 40 Watts RMS @ 4 OHM * 2x 65 Watts RMS @ 2 OHM * 1 x 130 Watts RMS @ 4 OHM Bridged * Frequency...
  16. Sub Amp

    Guys, I am looking for a low priced Sub Amp - happy with second hand - to power my 8 inch sub in the front. Doesn't need to be the most powerful thing in the world, just to add the touch to 4 6x9's and other assorted speakers. Budget - £40, ideally less - I know I'll be lucky but you've got to...
  17. after an amplifier

    hey all! just wanting to fit an old sub and amp in my T4 but the amp is knackered so after a new one. anyone got one they wanna sell cheap? not fussed on the state of it as it'll be hidden. as long as it works. also need a few cables like red power lead. i'm in Poole and can collect if fairly...