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anchor points
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  1. Life Style
    Pleas remove this. Placed into the wrong forum Apologies this was placed into the wrong forum
  2. T4 Conversions
    Greetings, first of all, sorry for my English, I am not Englishman. I am planning to buy T4 and convert it to campavan. I would like to plan everything before I buy it to be able to convert it faster. Thing is, I need furniture to be removable. What way would you suggest to anchor furniture to...
  3. General Van Chat
    Hi there I'm a newbie. Got our first van in November. I was wondering if anyone can help. I have had a fairly extensive search online but struggling to find what I need (it may be that I am just putting in the wrong search terms! :confused:) I am building a kitchen pod that I want to anchor...
  4. Interior
    Hi I'd like to fit a couple of load loops about half way up, one on each side of my van behind the rear seats (kombi setup) to make it easier to secure things e.g. like mountain bikes. Any tips on how to do this? I was thinking about buying something like this...
  5. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    hello i'm new to all this and i'm looking for advice how to fit rear 3 point seatbelt on LHD 1991 T4- there's already lapbelt fitted on left side and i want to replace it with 3 point belt - any hints??? where are the anchor points (if any), where i can buy belt etc
  6. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    We're just about to have the interior of our T4 panel van converted to a campervan. Before the rear bench-seat/bed is installed, we need to have four lap-belts fitted to anchor points in the floor, to be threaded through the seats afterwards. Does anyone know where we could get this done? (We're...
1-6 of 6 Results