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  1. Electrical
    So I installed a "wireless" reversing camera the other day and now my battery is draining to the point where its not enough to start the Van in the mornings.... The reversing camera uses a transmitter and reciever. The transmitter is wired into the reversing light so only comes on with the van...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, I have my first VW T5 and I am loving it. Only problem is this noise when I reduce the pressure on the accelerator and then again about 15 seconds after turning the engine off. It seems to get worse when the engine is hot, like when I am in traffic etc. I have heard something about an...
  3. General Technical
    Standard T4 interior when carrying 2 people in the front with me (or more specifically the baby seat and the missus) going into 2nd gear is a nightmare. It sits right against the seat, and the leg of whoever is riding in the passenger seat next to me :confused: The only bad thing I can say...
1-3 of 3 Results