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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    I have a T4 2.4 from 1995 with a gasoline engine. I noticed that over the last 300-400 km of riding I have lost 150-200 ml of antifreeze coolant. A few months ago I had a severe leak due to a ripped tube and this got fixed. Not sure if the leak now is connected to the old leak, but this time is...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I have a 2005 T5 Transporter 1.9 Tdi and I'm wanting to change the coolant/antifreeze. Can I use Comma G30 to replace? The stuff in there atm is pink. Is G30 recommended by VW? Thanks for any help!
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    I parked on a real steep slope yesterday, when i started the van up i had a flashing water light, once i leveled the van and restarted it didn't come back on, but looking at the header tank it's a little low, so i figured i'd top her up. But what coolant do you guys use? I was going to just top...
1-3 of 3 Results