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  1. General T5 Chat
    Does anyone know where I can get a new armrest for a T5 drivers seat. There is a small round piece if metal sticking out of the seat where the armrest used to fit. This is about 1" diameter but looks to be broken. Can this be removed and a generic armrest be bolted on in its place? I was...
  2. Interior
    Ok so recently purchased a second hand passenger front seat to swap out my 2 seat bench. after a quick feel noticed it has got the holes and rear support across the back to accommodate armrests - Brill, however after a couple hours of looking online i cant find a single right hand armrest for...
  3. Interior
    Does any one know where to buy the fitting kit for the armrest? 2003-2009 Thanks in advance.
  4. Interior
    Hi I had 2 x normal drivers seats (Inca) in my T5 (no airbags, armrest etc) which last year I swapped out for a pair of captains chairs with heat, armrests and airbags from a 2004 Caravelle. The wife is now pregnant so I was wondering if there are any T5 seats that have electric etc and ISOFIX...
  5. Interior
    Hi, I need advice on how to remove the vinyl cover from armrests please. I've a fair idea on how to get seat covers off thanks to Kernow Transporters' pictorial guide, and I can see how the arms themselves detach, I just can't see an obvious way of removing the covers themselves from the arm...
  6. Parts For Sale
    In inca. In very good condition. The wee lug is broken but it comes with a brand new repair piece. No plastic cover for bolt hole though, but only a few pennies from VW. £25 posted .
  7. Interior
    I've exhausted site search and google.... I'm currently in the process of reupholstering captains chairs. Have removed armrests and covered (2 so far) but since reassembly one of the armrest has lost it's friction on the spindle. Height adjustment works as normal. Does anyone know if it's...
  8. Interior
    Holá Buslovers, I'm looking for the Armrest pivot end caps in grey for my Multivan.. been looking about but can't find any! Anyone know where I can get my mits on these? Cheers!
  9. Wanted
    Yes folks, I took my armrest apart today, armed with a bluebird customs repair bracket. Only to find the armrest itself is biffed as well! The adjuster won't turn, there is a lot of broken black plastic visible in the hole and the spigot can rotate all the way round. Time for a new one then...
1-9 of 12 Results