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armrests seats
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  1. Interior
    Hello there! Newbies here. At the moment we are converting our very first 1996 Volkswagen T4 1.9 D into a camper! But now we have a question. The Van we bought has already got 2 good seats in it. Only they are not cockpit seats, and ofcourse we prefer armrests! :p When we feel on the side of...
  2. VAG Parts For Sale
    Hi, Selling my Inca captains seats with armrests, from a 2007 T5. Fully working, fabric is in very nice condition but there is a tear/hole in the back of the drivers seat. Bases not included. NOT swivels but I do have a CMC safe swivel base coming up for sale too if anyone is interested - this...
1-2 of 2 Results