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  1. Interior
    Hello there! Newbies here. At the moment we are converting our very first 1996 Volkswagen T4 1.9 D into a camper! But now we have a question. The Van we bought has already got 2 good seats in it. Only they are not cockpit seats, and ofcourse we prefer armrests! :p When we feel on the side of...
  2. Interior
    Hi, I need advice on how to remove the vinyl cover from armrests please. I've a fair idea on how to get seat covers off thanks to Kernow Transporters' pictorial guide, and I can see how the arms themselves detach, I just can't see an obvious way of removing the covers themselves from the arm...
  3. Wanted
    WTD: Interior plastic parts, Armrests, Foglight & Bumper section for a 1993 T4 SWB I have a '93 SWB panel van and need the following parts please;) Pics, just incase my description doesn't make sense! 1. Plastic inner covers for the rear lights left and right 2. Plastic cover for the...
  4. Interior
    Has anyone done this, add armrests to a standard seat??? If so, what do you need, apart from the seats :D ?
1-4 of 4 Results