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ash tray
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  1. General T5 Chat
    I'm after a replacement cup holder, before scrolling through the internet, does anyone know if you can get one WITH-OUT the ash-try bit? as both the sprung ones on mine have broken (looks like a week point) as i'm a non smoker don't use it (and change never stays there very long) if the ash tray...
  2. Interior
    Hi. Does any company make a cup holder that replaces the ash tray for a T4 and where can I get one?
  3. Electrical
    Hi people, newbie member here and this is my first post :confused: Silly question for you and I hope someone can answer for me please? Im hoping to put in a extra 12 v socket into the ashtray so I can use both - Can I just T off the existing wires to the original cig lighter socket or will...
  4. Interior
    OK it appear that due to the hard lives that a lot of our beloved vans have lived with previous owners and a bit of a weak design a lot of us inherit the "Broken Drinks Holder" normally without the actual plastic holder bit or the springs and hinge are missing. Having been in the same boat and...
  5. Wanted
    All parts required for a 1997 T4, 800 special, 1.9TD (ABL) Side loading door seal Ash tray Cig lighter Drivers captain seat Rear wiper washer jet Wheel brace Rocker cover dome caps and seals Seat belt retainer for the middle seat (passenger bench) Lock and key for n/s side loading door...
1-5 of 5 Results