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audi tt seats
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  1. Electrical
    Just discovered that the Audi TT seats I have in my T5 have the green plug under them. I'm assuming that this is for heat. Does anyone know the pin wiring for the plug as I'll need to modify the loom to standard T5 switches. Cheers
  2. Interior
    Hi all had a good day today fitted my new mark 1 audi TT seats. And i must say they where very easy to do.and heres some pics as well And all i had to do was drill 6 holes in each base I have put red ring around where i drilled the holes in the base. They line up with the holes and pin on the...
  3. Electrical
    Hi guys Hope someone can help i have fitted some audi TT seats (mark 1) in my van. And yes you guys where right its was very easy to do(drilled 6 new holes). But now i would like to wire the heating part of them. Have had a search but not a lot of help i am looking on google for a wiring...
  4. Interior
    here we go after looking at all the seats you guy say to put in i what for the audi TT ones. so got a set from a pal i know fitted them like you guys say 6 new hole a fitted. but now i would like to wire them up so i can have a warm bum. so is this possablie to do if so have you guys do this if...
1-4 of 4 Results