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  1. Change T5 Driver's Seat

    Hi Helpful People :), I find my T5 drivers seat (non-swivel) uncomfortable on long drives on German autobahns. Does anyone have experience of installing a more comfortable driver's seat? I've seen threads talking about Mini-Cooper seats, Audi and also Saab. I think my preference would be the...
  2. 4 x Genuine Audi Alloy Wheels 5 x 112 PCD

    VAG Parts For Sale
    4 x Genuine retro A8 Audi Alloy Wheels 5 x 112 PCD 4 x 16" Genuine Audi rims 7.5J ET45 5 x 112 PCD I bought these to go onto my T4 but it’s since been sold. Good condition as per the photos with only the odd scuff here and there. These genuine Audi rims are pretty rare, it took me a...
  3. T4 DRL Audi Style Headlights

    Hi all. I want to update the front of my short nose van with aftermarket DRL Headlights. Can you guys recommend a set that are better than the rest ? what make are you using ? I know that they don't give out as much light as the originals but I live in a well lit area. Also I will go for bulb...
  4. Audi alloy load rating

    Wheels & Tyres
    I've a set of 17" Audi alloys (8EO 601 025 AS) for my T4 888 van and I'm struggling to find out the load rating. I've tried the Felgen site, but can't see any load rating information. http://www.original-felgen.com/8e0601025as8z8.html Does anyone know where else I could look to find the load...
  5. 2000 Audi A3 Alloys On T4 Syncro

    T4 Syncro Garage
    I have an opportunity to purchase a set of alloys from an Audi A3 (year 2000) and was hoping to fit them on my T4 Syncro. If I buy I am going to remove the Audi centre piece and hopefully replace with a VW symbol centre piece. Do anybody have any experience fitting these alloys to an T4...
  6. Help please! Audi style headlights from extreme van

    I really need some advice regarding Audi style headlights from extreme vans. Has anyone purchased a set of these? If so, what's the quality like? Are there any issues with M.O.T's? Also, do they work with the levelling motors? Hope somone can help as I need to order these ASAP to get them fixed...
  7. Audi RS6 Alloys 18" (Genuine)

    Parts For Sale
    Audi A4 Alloys 18" (Genuine) Afternoon, 4x Genuine Audi 18" A4 alloys, 5x112, et43, 8j. Just came of my T4 (what else!). Tread in 4x Hankook Ventus v12 tyres (245/40/18), 2 with a little tread left, 2 with none. 4x Genuine Audi centre caps too... Looking for £300, collection only at the...
  8. FS: Genuine Audi TT wheels (fit straight on T4)

    Parts For Sale
    Hi Guys, Selling these for my dad who is not computer literate. Genuine Audi TT wheels, they fit straight onto T4's with standard wheel nuts. all in excellent condition, with only a few light marks. Tyres are all original Conti Sport contact 2, which are suitably load rated for a SWB T4...
  9. Genuine 16" Audi Alloys excellent condition

    Parts For Sale
    Genuine 16" Audi Alloys excellent condition (Price Drop and more Info!) Here we have a set of 4 Genuine 16" Audi Alloy wheels, These were upgraded by a friend of mine to 18s and I had them off him. He only used them for a short time before I had them and I've never used them as they were for a...
  10. Pair audi grey leather tt seats for pair t4 inca captains seats

    Swap Shop
    Hi all i am after a swapping my audi tt seats in grey leather for a pair of t4 inca captains seats !!
  11. T4 short nose audi style drl headlights black background

    Anyone got a set they have changed their minds and taken off..t4 audi style drl headlights with the black not chrome background..cheers !
  12. RS6 Replica Alloy Wheels Gloss Black + Good Tyres

    Parts For Sale
    SOLD***RS6 Replica Alloy Wheels Gloss Black + Good Tyres***SOLD THESE ARE NOW SOLD - THANK YOU 4x 18x8J 5x112 ET33 Audi RS6 Replica Alloy Wheels in Gloss Black with 245/40Z R18 19Y Tyres Load rated 690kg Includes right size/shape wheel bolts & locking bolt set and set of plain black...
  13. Help! Ahu engine conversion into 1.9td t4

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, i am currently in the middle of converting my T4 to run an AHU 1.9tdi motor out of an Audi A4 on a P reg. I thought all was going well until i have come to start wiring it up. The engine is fitted, pretty much the same method as the 1Z conversions i've read about on the forum. But i can't...
  14. audi a4 s line

    The Pub
    hey everyone, got an audi a4 s line (06 reg), cant seem to get mud flaps anywhere - to me the SE and S LINE models have the same arches and back, but they say SE model ones wont work. anybody know where i can find somewhere that sells them? or do you know if SE ones do fit? Thanks x
  15. T5 Transporter - LED Headlights (Audi R8-style)

    Parts For Sale
    For sale is a set of VW T5 Transporter Black DRL Devil Eye (Audi R8-style) LED Projector Headlights Due to the sale of my van i removed them to put on a new one but due to a change of plan we are now no longer getting a van so up for sale they go. I purchased them in December last year so are...
  16. Audi wheel load rating help please

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, I have read many many threads about appropriate wheels for the T4. I originally bought some cheap east Asian replicas (before I realised how important the issue of load rating and QUALITY). They kept cracking. I have now bought some Audi originals. So if I have the original Audi part # for...
  17. Audi style led headlights not fitting flush.

    General Technical
    Bought some of those lights for £200, fitted them no problem but they don't fit flush with the van, the bottom sits fine but the top pokes out about 7mm to much. Wondered if anyone else has this problem or maybe it's my van? Factory lights fitted fine.
  18. Audi style RS4 wheel centre caps

    Wheels & Tyres
    I've lost one of my centre caps from my RS4 style Audi wheels. Does anyone know where i can get one from as i dont really want to spend the money on a genuine Audi one and i dont know if it will fit. This is the one i'm after................. 145mm diameter, 105mm diameter badge and 55mm...
  19. Audi TT MK2 Alloy - Which nuts / bolts, spigots and locking nuts?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hello T4'ers of the big wide world, I've bought myself a set of Audi TT 17" MK2 alloys (ET47) for my T4b 1997 ACV 2.5. I'm pretty new to all this and regularly get confused, so be gentle with me! :) I was wondering if anyone knows... 1. What size (length / radius / head?) wheel nuts I need...
  20. Audi RS4 Alloys

    General Technical
    Hi there Can someone please help, I'm 99% certain but need confirmation if these alloys will fit my 1995 'N' Reg VW T4 2L petrol Van.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260832865629&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1156 Thanks in advance!!