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  1. How do I connect external sound source to vans speakers?

    General Van Chat
    Hi, I am installing a mini 12v projector in my camper van and would like to run the audio output (35mm headphone jack) so that the sound comes out of the vans inbuilt speakers. Can anyone advise if this is possible and how to go about it? Thanks Jimnibob
  2. Kenwood DNX525DAB vs VW RNS 510 DAB

    Help... I would like to upgrade the T5.1 Factory RCD 310 to double DIN DAB with NAV and Bluetooth Audio. But confess to being a bit bemused. :confused: I have narrowed the choices down to the Kenwood DNX525 but have seen that the Factory RNS510 offers similar spec and also displays NAV info...
  3. Fitting a Pioneer Double Din

    Hey folks. I've just purchased a Pioneer SPH-DA120 ApplePlay Double Din Head unit with every intention of fitting myself to save money, plus I've fitted many stereo's before. I've purchased all of the extra necessary cabling, so should be good to go. After taking out the Factory fitted head...
  4. T4 Rear bumper vents... can I cover/ remove?

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, I recently took the lining off the side of my van to run some speaker wiring through and found the insulation was naff. I've made a speaker box that fits over the rear wheel arch and so I removed this and the panels to start with some silent coat. But I found there is a vent that goes...
  5. door speakers not work yet tweeters are...?

    right well I'm after some help as i've tried always everything i can think of to solve the problem so open to any ideas.. first up problem is the mid range speakers (i'n the front doors) felt the need to both stop working at the same time from what i can tell, although the tweeters are still...
  6. What else is on entertainment circuit?

    I've had an annoying power drain for ages now. Seems like this has destroyed my second battery now so I've got back to investigating it. I finally sat in the cab long enough for things to shutdown and then started pulling fuses. Finally found a big drop in current draw from 250mA to <20mA with...
  7. Audio Quadlock to ISO adapter: Confused/idiot/both?

    I have a 2013 T5, I'm trying to replace the standard radio with a double-din Pioneer. The Halfords guy looked up my reg and sold me a quadlock->ISO harness adapter (PC2-75-4). But it doesn't work! Looking at the pins, it seems the ISO 12V switched line pin (yellow) connects to nothing on the...
  8. Help! Audio minefield.

    I am trying to decide on a decent audio system for my T4 but immediately came face to face with a wealth of decisions. What Amp, what speakers, what sub, what power management etc etc. What am I looking for? - Sub in separate box under the rock n roll. - Decent front speakers (4") - Decent rear...
  9. To all you audiophiles out there ....... is this possible

    Hi all, I've had an idea in my head for quiet a while now on how I want my audio system set up. Firstly, I don't want to rush out and buy a whole pile of new kit. I have a decent Pioneer head unit, mediocre dash speakers and door speakers in padded door pockets ....... currently it sounds...
  10. Best DAB AV Unit for T5?

    Hi all, The original radio/CD in our 2008 camper is playing up and rather than just replace we're looking to upgrade. Were initially thinking of a single-din unit and a pocket to get a decent choice of DAB units but now thinking that a double-DIN A-V unit might be a more sensible move in the...
  11. Total clueless Re: watts, amps, speakers

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hello, wondering if I can get a little help with choosing the correct amp to power some Pioneer 6x9's I've just purchased, they are 500w peak power and RMS 80w What amp should I be looking for to power them? 2 channel or 4 channel? Haven't a clue :* lol Many thanks!
  12. How loud is your van??!!

    General T4 Chat
    After never owning a transporter before and having watched mine be lovingly transformed from a 2.4 panel van to a 1.9tdi full camper conversion where it is today I can say that the level of road noise is really starting to bug me. After having a golf engine put in, the back ply lined, insulated...
  13. Speakers popping

    Hopefully someone can help me out. Every time I start the engine my speakers pop quite loudly (hopefully not damaging them). I'm running two amps - one for my front components via crossovers and the other to run my sub and 6x9s in the rear. The only way I can stop the pop is to have the...
  14. Audio Input Socket

    New T5 Members Forum
    Howdo everyone T: First post, woohoo! I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about an Audio Input socket for the dashboard for a 2007 T5. The radio is a RCD 200. Basically I want to plug my phone/ipod into the sterio via a 3.5mm jack<-(ideally). Would appreciate it very much if anyone...
  15. Pioneer deh-p600bt head unit full Bluetooth handsfree and streaming

    Hi am selling my pioneer head unit it's a p600bt has full Bluetooth built in for calls and streaming music so ideal for iPhone 3G/3GS/4G. Mic for calls not included. Can also connect via aux and I'll include a meter long cable to do this. All connection cables are included and I'm pretty sure...
  16. Vibe Sub

    General Van Chat
    I put a new Alpine stereo in my van recently with JBL speakers, it was alright but my wife was disappointed with the bass, so I stuck one of those Vibe Subs in (http://www.vibeaudio.co.uk/products/blackaircbr10/?PHPSESSID=9042088b3e7a664e63d23b2bd7fe7d8e ) and it's freakin awesome!! For anyone...