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  1. Austria this summer yey!!

    European and Foreign Travel
    Hi folks The wife and I are taking Doris (T5.1)to Austria and apart from Hallstat we have no idea were else to go. We love walking and sightseeing . Is there anyone out there that could advise us? Regards James
  2. Reputable T4 Mechanics in Germany, Austria or Hungary?

    General T4 Chat
    We live in Budapest and have a RHD '92 T4 Holdsworth conversion and are looking for a recommendation for an expert garage/mechanic -- for drive-train, in particular -- to do some maintenance and upgrade work we can trust. Anyone have thoughts? Jim
  3. Planning a trip to Austria help needed please!

    European and Foreign Travel
    Just a few Q's i need answering please. What £ is diesel in Europe (roughly ie cheaper/deerer/the same)? What is the average price for a nights camping? Can you wild camp anywhere in Europe? Do you have to pre book sites or can you just turn up? Anything else i need to sort out before i go...