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  1. Inflatable Awnings from £289

    We've got a cracking sale on at OLPRO for the next week - our inflatable awnings start at £289. We also offer free delivery, no quibble returns, a year's guarantee, click and collect, and 0% finance. Take a look.
  2. Pop top 4 berth vs 2 berth plus awning

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, first post here so please excuse any stoopid questions etc. I'm looking to buy a converted T5. Would love to do it myself, but have been told that I don't have enough time... Anyway, have been looking at pop-tops with roof beds up until now. What occurs to me now though is that I might be...
  3. Kampa Travel Pod Mini Drive-Away Awning

    T4 Conversions
    I have just got one of these, but the inner tent seems to be on the wrong side, i.e. blocking the sliding door. https://www.caravanstuff4u.co.uk/poled-driveaway-motorcamper-porch/5904-kampa-travel-pod-mini-freestanding-drive-away-campervan-awning.html I could move it towards the front but then...
  4. Attaching an awning without rails

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I've got a high top T5 without rails and I'm currently looking to get a drive away awning. I don't want to drill the top to fit a rail so was looking for other ways to attach. I know I can get an awning with straps but I'm not sure how this would sit against the van due to the height...
  5. Silver Campervan sun canopy awning

    Life Style
    Silver Campervan sun canopy awning - Approx 330 cm Length The dome roof is supported by 2 crossed fibreglass poles. There are 2 metal bars at the front edge and the rear edge to hold the fibreglass poles. The 2 front adjustable legs are from strong metal tubes. Includes 3 heavy duty awning...
  6. Detachable canopy for awning rail?

    General Van Chat
    Hi, just wondering if anybody knows of any simple detachable canopies that are available to slide into a remo awning rail on the side of a LWB T5? Thanks in advance!
  7. Best 4 berth drive away awning

    General Van Chat
    Hello, I think this thread may have been covered before, alas I cant find it. I am looking for the best 4 berth Drive Away Awning. I have a teenage boy and a teenage girl so I need something with seperate bedrooms. Idealy it needs to be a proper divider not one that clips in. I was looking...
  8. T4 Drive away awnings

    T4 Conversions
    Can anyone advise me please? I am looking for a drive away awning that is pop-up and very easy to fit. I have a T4 with no roof rails or brackets to fasten it to. Is there any way you can get something like strong magnets with hooks. Someone even suggested dent pullers and then use a pole. Also...
  9. New Kela 2 awning for 2015.

    General T4 Chat
    All new 2015 Kela 2 awning! All the changes look good to me I always went in through the connecting bit too so a good place to have doors. Especially like the higher inflation points the zip flaps were well annoying! A:
  10. Does your Vango Supera awning leak ?

    General T5 Chat
    I've seen a few threads from people saying they've had a problem with the new inflatable Vango Awnings. I've got the Supera and I've found that after heavy rain , there is always a puddle under one of the inflatable struts. (obviously the lowest one) I believe the water is tracking down the...
  11. Outwell Inflatable Awning

    T4 Conversions
    Has anyone had any experience or know about Outwell's inflatable drive away awnings? Was wondering how easy they are to put up and how good the quality is. Have looked at Vango's ones but prefer the look of the Outwell's.T:
  12. Outwell Country Road for sale

    Life Style
    For sale Outwell Country Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Excellent Condition, only used once. Selling due to ill health as my wife cannot put this up on her own. Collection only, due to high courier and postal costs. Any offer accepted around £275.
  13. Driveaway Awnings Comparison

    General Van Chat
    Hi All, Luke here from Khyam. I know that I spoke to a few members of the forum at the Caravan and Motordome Show who were interested to see the comparison video that we have done between our Quick Erect Motor-dome & Ridgi-dome Range, our New Air Tents & Awnings and traditional Pole & Sleeve...
  14. Outwell Country Road drive-away awning with extras

    Life Style
    We are selling our Outwell Country Road drive-away awning which includes the following:- +Footprint for the Country Road +One 2-berth inner for Country Road +Outwell “Welcome” Mat Great condition, used 3 times. Pick up from Southampton (Junction 8, M27) £300 Grab a bargain for the summer T...
  15. Hi there a T4 addict already

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi there, An amazing forum, it's totally addictive! We've just bought a t4 to go camping as a family. It's had a lt of work on it and is nicely converted. Feel happy that we've got a good 'un but it needs proper seats for the kids. So a bit of work to do and a can of worms as to which to...
  16. Reimo Awning attachment with Sikaflex 221 or 252?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi everyone.. first post :) I am about to attach a Reimo Multirail to my T5 and am finding conflicting information with regards to the type of Sikaflex to use on the job. Bought the rail from Nomad Campervans who usually sell it with a cartridge of Sikaflex 221 which is a sealant. The German...
  17. Side awning for Camper van Bargain

    General T5 Chat
    HI Everyone Just thought i would let you all know of a great littel saving to be had if you are looking to get a side awning this year. I recently bought an Outdoor Revolution Movelite Square from Go out doors for £168 RRP £225 The starting cost is £202 with a memebers card + £5 = £207...
  18. New Tailgate awning from Outdoor Revolution

    The Pub
    Just spotted a new awning from Outdoor Revolution called the Nomad Uno. Instead of attaching to the side of the van, it sits at the rear and overlaps with the tailgate. Maybe not as useful as extra space to the van (if you've got the stndard side door layout) but just reverse up to it and...
  19. wind out and drive away awning

    T4 Conversions
    I have a Fiamma wind out awning but would also like to use a drive away awning (don't know which sort yet). I also have a pop top so there's not a lot of metal available. Any ideas how I could fit a track (or something else) to fit the drive away to?
  20. Awning advice

    T5 Conversions
    Please could anyone who has any recommendations for an awning for the T5 please post information here. I am looking for an awning with integral sleeping area such as the Movelite XL Family, trouble is, it only suits vans between 220 and 290cm high. My T5 is only 200 high :( I don't know if it...