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  1. AXD Engine Options After Failure

    General T5 Chat
    Hi there, posting here for my father. He has a 2.5 AXD LWB T5 and which recently dropped a Valve resulting in some significant engine damage. He loves this van and wants to continue using it however looking online there isn't anywhere that seems to reliably supply these engines. I understand...
  2. AXD Cam gear installation

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all.... Today I have swapped the cam on a 2.5 AXD engine, and have come to install the cam drive gear, and I feel uncomfortable proceeding. My problem is, the gear won't slide up the the diamond washer, it binds on the intermediate gear, and I don't want to drive it on with the bolt for...
  3. Anybody used MANNOL engine oil?

    General T5 Chat
    Found MANNOL engine oil on eBay it looks like it covers alot of VW specs if it does it's like a wonder oil lol , but it's really cheap . Also says it covers 505.01 and 506.01 But the in description says 504.00/507.00/502.00/505.00/503.01/506.00/ VW 505.01*/506.01** *Except VW PDU engines...
  4. How To: T5 2.5 Alternator Removal & Replacement

    General T5 Technical
    My alternator was very noisy and the luck-up pulley was slipping at high revs - I had sourced an alternator and I realised very quickly its a really ty job so I had been putting off for ages. I spent a lot of time looking for details but there isn't a whole lot about so I gave it a crack and...
  5. 2.5 AXD P/S Pump required

    Steering & Suspension
    Our van has a power steering leak, and the aircon no longer works, I have checked the aircon free wheel and its duff, the reason it don't work is pressure related, of course I have to remove the aircon pump to get at the PS pump anyway, so may replace them both at the same time (I know the...
  6. Swap from AXD to BNZ

    Engine & Gearbox
    Trying to track down wiring diagrams for the AXD 2005-2006 and the BNZ 2009. Anyone have a clue where to find these?? regards Jonny
  7. 2.5TDI (AXD) troubleshooting

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all! 6 months ago I bought a T5 2.5tdi AXD 2004. I knew the turbo was bad when bought it so the first thing I did was to replace it. Then I went for a vacation trip that ended after 1000km in a workshop since it was leaking oil on the outside of engine and also some found in the expansion...
  8. 2.5TDI (AXD) compression test - glow plug adapter

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi! I'm trouble shooting my T5 AXD engine with diesel in the motor oil, oil in the cooler and latest also starting problems when cold. I know there is many with same/similar problems and I have some ideas of what to do. Part of that is to trying to perform a compression test by myself by using...
  9. New member, South Tipp

    Irish Regional Forums
    Needing help here. T5 2.5 Tdi is draining me of hope and money. I'll be back here soon asking questions,looking for parts and trying to sell a few bits I bought that didn't help. Cathal
  10. AXD cylinder head modifications ?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, new member, bought an 04 t5 AXD but now suffering from leaky exhaust manifold and white smoke. Replaced manifold with a cast one and now in process of doing the injector seals. Noticed some wear in injector bores so not 100% sure the seal fix will work. Anyway... Is there a...
  11. No oil level warning light?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello. When I started my 2005 AXD engine today it sounded a bit rough for about a second so I decided to check the oil. When I checked the dipstick there was no oil showing. The thing is I normally use the oil warning light to prompt me to fill up with oil (not ideal I know) but now I am not...
  12. Part number request - '04 AXD 2.5 130 Turbo

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, as per the thread title - could anyone help me out with the part number for the turbo for my van? it's a 2004 AXD 2.5TDi 130 Many thanks
  13. Here are some T5 2.5 camshaft change instructions

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi folks I did this job a few months ago and just haven't had time to turn my own oily hand-written notes into something more presentable that I can share with you lot. Until now. Here you go: Difficulty: Definitely falls into the intermediate to advanced bracket. You should have at least...
  14. Exhaust manifold won't fit. Help please.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all. Long time reader but never needed to post much until now. My 2004 AXD Shuttle is getting a new turbo and exhaust manifold fitted. Both parts supplied by Darkside. It is the KKK turbo and is being replaced like for like. It is not the R5 engine but a normal AXD. My very reliable garage...
  15. does Turbo Lag Still Exist?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello. I wanted to ask this question because for the past few months I have been trying to get to the bottom of a fault with my 2005 2.5 AXD engine. At first I was getting the elusive overboost fault on the engine and it was tripping into limp mode, this normally occurred above 3000 rpm. The...
  16. AXD N75 Valve Tubing

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello. I have a quick question. What size are the hoses that connect to the N75 valve on an AXD engine? I would like to buy some silicone replacements but a search of this site didn't produce anything. Many thanks Julia :)
  17. AXD Exhaust manifold removal

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Can the exhaust manifold actually be removed leaving the turbo/exhaust in place? All the manifold removal threads I've read involve turbo removal, but no one explains why, unless, of course it's because they are swapping the turbo/replacing the turbo oil gasket as well. I can see the...
  18. AXD Silicone Turbo hoses

    Engine & Gearbox
    Why are they so expensive compared to other engines? I have a stock 2.5 AXD engine and am looking to replace the turbo hoses because of the dodgy joints, my thoughts were to get a replacement silicone hose kit. Forge do a nice kit at a reasonable price (£165)...
  19. Rattly AXD

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello :) I am the proud owner of a 2005 Transporter with an AXD 2.5l engine. Its done just over 200k of enjoyable miles. The thing is for a while now I have become ever more aware of the noise the engine makes when driving it, I can only describe it as a noise somewhere between diesel...
  20. AXD worn cam?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello all, Firstly sincere thanks to all members for the fantastic advice and knowledge on the site. I have an issue with my 2005 2.5 AXD engine. There was a lot of noise from the head and my VW trained mechanic striped the head down and found badly worn hydraulic followers but the cam appeared...