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b pillar

  1. T6 B-Pillar Speakers?

    Has anyone attempted this? I want to mount speakers in the B pillars between the front and sliding door. This will augment the front speakers for driver/passenger and serve the middle row passengers. It looks like there is space for shallow speakers between the upper and lower seat belt...
  2. NEW REPAIR SECTION - Genuine VW 'B' Pillar/Door Inner

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Genuine VW 'B' Pillar/Door Inner repair section - no longer needed. £20 (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  3. A pillar trim / B pillar trim VWT4

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me, I recently purchased a van which has had the bulk head removed. I've been looking at buying B pillar interior trim to cover up and make good. Before making the purchase I want to be sure it will give a completed look to the van. The part which...
  4. T4 Wet Seat belt

    Hi, I have a 19TD T4 1999 and the passenger side seat belt gets soaking wet when it rains hard. Ive had a look over the roof and gully's for holes etc but cant see any obvious areas of concern. I dont have any roof bars or 3rd part roof furniture at all... Is there another location that im...
  5. Wanted plastic receiver jobbie for sliding door pls :-)

    Hi three guys I'm after this bit as mine is knackered and worn. Any help would be great thanks Dave
  6. Wanted: B Pillar Grab Handle

    As the part has now been discontinued I'm hoping somebody may have a grab handle for the B Pillar of a T4 which goes just inside the near side sliding door. My van does have the mounting points and threads, but as it was a panel van, no handle. Cheers Duncan
  7. B Pillar top trim panel Wanted

    As above, im after the little bits of trim at the top of the b pillar that attach to the long a pillar trims. I'm not bothered what colour or condition they are as the will be getting covered. Thanks Huw
  8. Sun visors removal and B pillar trim (T5)

    T5 folk, (I have searched), before I resort to violence, how do you remove the sun visors? And does the bench seat have to come out before the lower B pillar trim comes off? Cheers.