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  1. Camping & Excursions
    Can anyone recommend where to purchase a cab bunk bed for a T5 (single passenger seat). We have a nearly 1 year old we are hoping to take away in the van in the summer. Thanks.
  2. General T4 Chat
    Hello, We have a T4 conversion, the van was originally registered in February 2003 but we don't know whether or not it has passenger airbags. This is an issue as we have an 8 month old baby! First of all we didn't think it had airbags (as there is nothing written on the dashboard etc) so we...
  3. General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some help with where to sleep our baby in our camper van. We have a 2009 T5 with a pop top and roof bunk, captain swivel seats and a rock and roll bed. We are going to France in the summer and are struggling where to sleep our baby. He will be 10 months old by the time...
  4. Interior
    Hello, I'm due to give birth in 7 weeks and have started researching car seats for my new baby. We definitely want to take it in our 1994 T4 but I'm getting really confused about which baby seats are appropriate. I don't think that the van has airbags. We have a double bench seat and I am...
  5. Camping & Excursions
    Hi Everyone We currently have a T4 Autosleeper Trident with a roof bed (as well as the rock 'n' roll bed) but no safety net. We don't have a bench seat in the front (swivel passenger seat). Does anyone have any experience of camping with a young baby <1yr??? How did it go? Where did the...
  6. The Pub
    Would you or have you been camping with a very young baby? Not long off to having the second ankle biter arrive and a load of friends are meeting at a campsite and the baby will be 2 months by then. Would you go? Did you go and was it a nightmare? :eek:
  7. General T4 Chat
    Hi, Baby on the way, wandering which car seats fi a T4 front and / or back seats. Does the Brittax car seats fit? The one that goes on the Vigour 3+ push chair. Thanks - Nick
1-7 of 7 Results