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banded 17" steel
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  1. Wheels & Tyres
    I need to send my 17" steelies off to be banded and was planning on using my dads spare set of 16" steels from his T5 however my van is the 4motion t32 2.0BiTdi and it has huge brake calipers and I am unsure whether they will fit. If this is a stupid question please do not hesitate to tell me T:
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi folks, I’m loving the banded steel look and am now looking to switch from my 20” RS8’ish' alloys to some banded steels. But, there seems to be oodles of options which I can't for the life of me make up my mind. I'm also really thinking of losing the side bars along with getting a comfier...
  3. Swap Shop
    Hi All, I've got a set of 20" Cruize 141 alloy wheels which came on my van when I first bought it. The lacquer on the polished rim has lifted and certainly doesn't look as good as they do in this picture. They come with wheel bolts one locking on every wheel and spigot rings. They were all...
  4. Wanted
    Hi All, I'm looking for a set of these wheels with tyres if possible to replace my 16" steels as I think the 17's look slightly better. I'll probably get them banded at some point but for now they'll stay as they are. I'm in Hampshire and have cash waiting. Cheers Red5
  5. Wanted
    I am after some 17inch GP T5 steels, banded would be lovely, but happy to get standard ones and get them banded at a later date. Cheers
  6. Wheels & Tyres
    Just got my bandeds back from Jim @ AC. I have a silver van but my daughter said yesterday that I should paint them blue. I just want to see everyones bandeds so I can make my decision. I am also going to get my side rails the same colour so if anyone has done that, let me see....please :):):)
  7. Wheels & Tyres
    ok so im still trying to get my head round all the numbers and stuff to do with tyres :* all i know is at the moment i have some 18'' amg alloys that i want to swap for some 17'' steelies that i could get banded as they would look much better :ILU: does any have any suggestions where i could get...
  8. VAG Parts For Sale
    I have a set of T5 GP banded steels 2" band on the fronts - 9jx17 and 3" band on the rears 10jx17 Banded by bandedsteels.com and powder coated 200 sparkle silver, as you can see in the pics there are a couple of marks on the lips from my terrible parking LOL: but nothing bad, These are a few...
1-8 of 9 Results