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barn door hinges

  1. Barn Hinge Needed (lower offside hinge)

    Really in need of a offside lower barn hinge to complete the exterior of my t4 before starting on the interior, would be awesome help! cheers
  2. Barn Door Hinge Pins

    General Technical
    Can any one tell me if they have removed the pin from the hinge? I ask because one of my rear door hinges is so stiff the body and door frame flex quite markably when opening and closing the door. I would plan to remove the pin, clean it and the hole and regrease before replacing the pin. Andy
  3. Barn Door Hinge Removal Help

    General Technical
    Anyone else tried and succeeded in removing the hex bolts from the rear barn door hinges................. I have just spent half a day and blunted 3 drill bits trying to drill out the hex nuts that have the allen key holes rounded off (not by me I bought a set of rear doors off ebay and most of...