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barn door

  1. Wanted - Barn Door Off side (right) check strap

    Hello All, Can anyone recommend a breakers or store that would sell - or might anyone have that I can buy - a check strap for the RHS barn door? Mine is a 2005 transporter (T28/T5) and it appears that the retaining 'knobs' (sorry, not sure of the correct term!) have worn away so it doesn't...
  2. Rear awning for T4 with barn doors

    Camping & Excursions
    My van (T4 2001 Caravelle conversion) has barn doors but I'd ideally like a rear awning like the ones listed for sale for tailgate vans. The only barn door 'awnings' I've seen for sale are simple canvas covers over the top of the doors supported by a bar. They're not enclosed tent-type...
  3. T5 Barn doors wanted

    Hi, I'm after a pair of T5 barn doors (R902 white) in good condition for our 2004 T5. Ideally with the hinges. I'm in Yorkshire (Leeds) Thanks Tom
  4. Barn Door lock Trim

    T5 Conversions
    just fitted my barn door panel after carpeting, it is made out of 4mm ply. I have tried to put the interior lock trim back on but i cant get it to fit. Looking at the old panel, it is less than 2mm, so I have doubled the thickness and added carpet, will the trim go back on or shall i just fix...
  5. T5.0 Barn door exterior handle

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi I’m looking for a cheap replacement for exterior handle/trim/numberplate light that fits T5.0 barn doors. Any tips? Flea bay links or other aftermarket parts sites would be great. I’ve browsed all over but not sure what the part is actually called? Maybe someone had a part number? Many...
  6. barn door handle

    hi guys, had some work done to van and need to adjust the outer handle on the left barn door. when you try to open the door from outside you really have to press handle as far as possible to get lock on top edge of door to release. how do i adjust it to respond sooner, if that makes sense. which...
  7. Rust around rear windows

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hey everyone, So around the bottom of the windows on my barn doors I've got a decent amount of rust popping up. I tried treating it before but it came back pretty quickly. Obviously around the window it's hard to get right in there when sanding, so I guess that's why the rust came back so...
  8. Barn-door DIY awning

    T4 Conversions
    I used an old basha and cloth-taped some bungies to it to make a cheeky shelter for cooking under out of elements. There is a removable pole in between the doors from outer corners to stop them from closing for any reason. The coverage needs a tweak or two but I'm very happy with it to be...
  9. Microswitch rear barn door

    Just diagnosed faulty micro switch on rear barn door. Has anyone replaced theirs? If so, is it a simple enough job and where did you source new switch? Thanks in advance.
  10. Barn door dash light stays on!

    Morning people Im a bit baffled, I have a dash warning light for the rear barn door, I have changed the complete nearside lock (the one with the sensor) from another van i know is working, but it still shows on dash. Does this sound like a wiring problem i.e converter putting a screw in it down...
  11. Wanted T5 barn door

    Hello, Does anyone have a driver's side 2005 T5 panel van barn door for sale? Possibly from a tailgate conversion? Preferably blue but not a problem if not! Thanks Bruce
  12. Broken window fail!

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, you are probably all not daft enough to do this, but I post this as a warning just in case! I made and fitted some interior curtain runners and self tapped them to my barn doors. Sadly (expensively!) One or more of the screws was too deep and must've been touching the glass... then as I...
  13. Barn Door Lock microswitch > Tailgate ?

    Morning, Im doing a barn door to tailgate conversion and on my barn door i have a microswitch on the lock barrel. On the tailgate wiring, i don't have anything - or any spare wires that it could be. I don't have my haynes manual to hand, but could anyone tell me what it does? Want to get...
  14. barn door central locking not locking/unlocking

    General T4 Chat
    Good day all. Sorry if this has been covered in the nth degree. My t4 with manual central locking isn't locking/unlocking the rear barn door. I can open it with the key manually in the door but not from the drivers door which should open all doors. I'm having remote central locking and alarm...
  15. barn door table

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi. Looking at either a drop down table attached to one of my barn doors or a way of secring a table to the door so I can leave it attached when I open and close it. Has any body done this?
  16. Tail Gate to Barn Door Help!

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, from reading other posts and threads it seems like converting my tail gate to a barn doors on my t5 2009 is going to be a harder task than anticipated! Is there anyone out there that knows of a company/person that has experience is this area as I have no clue! Any Help will be greatly...
  17. Wanted T5 Barn Doors can swap for tail Gate

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, I would like to covert my tail gate door from my 2009 LWB T5 to barn doors, any advice where I could buy or swap from will greatly appreciated.
  18. Need help with barn door lock and latch mechanism

    The van I've bought has had some security locks fitted to the barn doors and sliding door, I'm wanting rid of them so in the process of removing them. The thing I'm struggling with is the link bars inside, to me it looks like some are missing as I can't open drivers rear barn door from the...
  19. Barn door cannot be closed using door handles

    Wondering if anyone has any good ideas about what would be preventing my rear doors from closing properly at the bottom catch using either the inside/outside door handle? I have taken the panel off and the insulation out and checked the long rod - it is fully tightened up at the top and...
  20. T4 2002 Barn Door Release issues

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Im completely new to owning a VW T4, got one yesterday and I'm trying to fix a bunch of things on it. On of those is the rear barn door. It wont open at all from inside and I've only managed to get it to open from the outside once, I think one of the recievers is stuck? I've been searching...