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    Hi All, Greetings from Dear olde Ireland. Have been driving Transporters of various kinds for the last 12 years. Currently have a '05 T5 kombi which is my pride and joy. Bought from new locally with a few options at the time that are now considered basic spec and have added to it over the years...
  2. Interior
    Morning guys, I am in need of a drivers seat and single passenger seat for a P reg T4, can anyone help or knows what other seats go straight onto the seat bases? I'm a bit short of cash but can do a swap for wiring services stereos/ split charging/ lights etc! Hopefully some nice person can help me?
  3. Parts For Sale
    15" steelies, ok condition but have been sprayed, tyres 205/65/15 one almost new 2 good 1 on the limit £75 collect from Evesham, Worcs Front seats from 93 velle One is bad condition with a big rip and some foam missing Other is fair condition Both have grey standard bases. £50 collect from...
  4. Swap Shop
    I have Driver and Passenger Saab seats in great condition fitted to modified bases. Swaping so i can have swivels. So Captains seats & bases... and if I'm really lucky... already with swivels,I: Cheers. 07894 881 279
  5. Parts For Sale
    sold**sold**sold**sold**sold**sold :) :)
1-5 of 7 Results