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battery altenator

  1. Flashing oil light no rev clock and dead battery

    At last after mucho reading on this forum of the many differing opinions on to why the flashing oil light is on my 2000 model 1.9 tdi 800 special and why no rev counter and why dead batttery with no charging... well i started with taking out the alternator and looking around for replacement...
  2. Help - Alternator or Starter Motor?

    Hey Guys! So...Our generally good bus had a bit of trouble today, keeping us stranded for the evening with our two babies that were not happy. About 4 days ago I came out and turned the key and all there was was a *click*. And all things electric would not work, so I figured the battery was...
  3. T5 Flat Battery

    Anyone got any ideas about this; Every morning my 1995 Caravelle T5 has a dead battery. The battery is only 2 years old and a top spec (Varta). Tested several times recently and is good as new. Alternator also good as new when tested yesterday - charging perfectly. Car electrics specialist says...
  4. Help! Battery drain problems (Stuck in Switzerland).

    I'm away in my van in Switzerland and am having issues with both of my batteries draining quickly. After it went flat and got a push start for the 2nd time in 3 weeks yesterday I drove for an hour and a half along the motorway which I thought would give it a full charge. This morning though the...