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  1. Electrical
    Hi I have a 2009 T30 Transporter with 65,000 miles - so it's not had a hard life! Last week, I found I could not take the headlights off main beam. The blue light is on the dash and no amount of stalk fiddling, or switch turning would get the dipped headlights alone to come on. The pooled...
  2. General T5 Technical
    I have some angel eye lights fitted to my 2006 T5 but when on full beam both lights point in and slightly up? Has anyone experienced this? How do I correctly align the beam?
  3. Electrical
    Hey Guys, I am slightly confused by all the info on here as there is sooo much to get through!!! A lot of the focus on lighting seems to revolve around upgrading the wiring looms but my problem is slightly different. ( I think!) I have put some pretty decent bulbs in my T4 and am still...
1-3 of 3 Results