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  1. Strange knocking in the rear

    General T4 Chat
    Hi there Lowered my t4 the other day, front was fine and replaced springs in the rear, it's been lowered about 65mm maybe a bit more on the front. Only problem is now I have a strange knocking sound in the rear, somewhere on the right hand side? Only knocks when turning right Anyone have...
  2. Discs and front wheel bearings F/S

    Parts For Sale
    Hi guys and gals, I have the below discs and bearings for sale as i dont need them for my van at the moment and need the cash :) Both items came from GSF and were purchased recently for my 2001 T4 2.5tdi, the discs were £29.90 each and are under part number 60125 (VW part number 7D0-615-301C)...