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  1. Before The T4 - Type 2 80 to 90

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    Transporter History At A Glance Part 3 T3 - 1979 to 1992 (or 2003 in South Africa) Vast improvements were made in all areas - the T3's unique 50:50 weight distribution, coil sprung, double wishbone suspension and rack and pinion steering gave handling and ride comfort that was hard to beat...
  2. Before The T4 - T2 67 to T2 80

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    Transporter History At A Glance Part Two Political activist and lawyer Ralph Nader's 1965 publication "Unsafe At Any Speed" poured much scourn on rear engined vehicles, the VW range was no exception... ... VW quickly responded with the 1967 second generation 1600cc Type 2, which hit the...
  3. The T4's Development.

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    Prototypes and Development Ideas for the T4 began during 1982, coinciding with the launch of the T3 Wasserboxer, with the first prototype phase rolling out in 1983 under Wolfgang Held's gaze. Engine configuration (rear or front engine; transverse or longitudinal) and suspension design (double...
  4. Executive 'Bahn Stormers

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    Executive 'Bahn Stormers Drawing on Bentley know-how, the tailor made T4 and T5 Caravelle Business brings unprecedented luxury, beyond Volkswagen's Highline trim, to a long line of "executive" Transporters, which really kicked off with the launch of the plush Caravelle Carat in 1983 and the...
  5. The World Camper Lives On

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    Volkswagen continued it's line of "Campmobiles", to use the factory term, with the T4, maintaining it's relationship with coachbuilder, Westfaliawerke, who had produced their Camping Box, first shown in 1951, and other more specialized (SO) vehicles, from vans, Kombis and Buses "plucked" from...
  6. Before The T4 - Van Rivals

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    Researching VW's early history - an area well covered, I know - led me to ponder on why and how the Transporter has enjoyed our favour for so long. So much information has been lost over the years and little has been written about the light trucks and vans that emerged after the Second World War...
  7. Before the T4 - The Early Years

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    Transporter History At A Glance Volkswagen had just celebrated producing 6,700,000 Transporters in forty years of production when August 1990 saw the U.K. launch of the fourth generation model - the T4, most of which were built at the Transporter's traditional home in Hanover, Germany. T4's...
  8. The All Roaders

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    The All Roaders (Before The T4) The rear engined Transporter's have always been remarkably useful off-road, even with mere rear wheel drive... ... yet the ultimate four wheel drive T3 was able to compete head on with Jeep, Land-Rover, Mitsubishi and Toyota, even if it was a tad more...
  9. Basic VW Terminology And T4 Family Lines

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    T4 Terminology Ah yes, Volkswagen (that's pronounced faulks - vargen and means "People's Car") terminology. For those who are new to the Forum and VW Life The five generations of the VW Transporters are now known as: T1 1950 to 1967 (Europe) / 1975 (South Africa, South America) An early...