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  1. T5 T30 cam belt or chain?????

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all hope some one can help im looking to buy a T4/T5 and just contacted a seller with a T5 T30 130bhp with 170k on the clock and asked when the camblet was last changed, hes come back to me and said its chain so no need to change? Is this correct or should i avoid? Kind regards and thanks for...
  2. T5 Shuttle Twin seat

    Hi, I'm going to sell my T5 Shuttle twin seat. It's Inca trimmed and original and came out of the middle row. It has both seatbelt buckles and 1 seatbelt as the other one is built into the pillar. Any idea what it might be worth?
  3. seat belts

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, hoping someone can help me out with seat belts. . My wonderful puppy has just chewed through my driver side front belt so ill be needing a new one. I'm a bit of a spaz when it comes to cars/vans so bear with me. Do the T4's have pretensioners? I've seem some on ebay that say t4 without...
  4. T4 AAB chrankshft pulley change

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all! I have a 1993 T4 AAB which is (still) chewing up alternator belts. (Yes they are aligned, Yes I re-tension the belt after fitting, No I didnt use Continental belts, but I have one to fit today.) I am now suspecting the crankshaft damper, which has done 150k miles (and 20years!). How...
  5. Keep snapping auxiliary drive belts, 2L AAC Petrol.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've had the van 2 years now, it's a T4 AAC petrol AutoSleeper Trophy conversion. It's hardly given me any bother at all, but it's ruthless to the auxiliary drive belt. I'm not getting a 1000 miles a belt out of them. I've had 3 in two years. It doesn't matter how I tension them they...
  6. Bolts missing from alternator of 1.9td, common problem?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm wondering if the bolts that hold the alternator in place are prone to shearing off or working lose? After a stop off coming back from Cornwall yesterday, I encountered a lot of screeching and the battery light coming on so assumed the alternator belt had just become lose. The regular garage...
  7. Re-fitting an alternator belt on 2.5TDi

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can any one help with the best way of getting the alternator belt back on after changing the alternator? I have managed to change the alternator itself, and got the belt off with a bit of brute force. I have read on a different thread that you need to move the tensioner to get enough slack in...
  8. 2.5 Timing belt

    Parts For Sale
    I have a Vetech timing belt kit for sale that I got when I bought the van. However, I fitted both belts from a single kit so this is surplus. £50 plus postage. The kit comprises of timing belt, tensioner and bolt. The kit was bought for an ACV 2.5TDI but I believe it'll fit all the T4 2.5...
  9. Can the electric coolant pump work without the belt driven pump?

    General Technical
    Hi All, I've just bought a 94 T4 2.0L AAC petrol camper van (in the last two weeks). On my way back from my 1st trip in it the auxiliary drive belt snapped. Looks like it was rubbing on incorrectly fitted cam belt covers. At the time I was in the middle lane of the motorway overtaking a...
  10. Pump belt broken T4 2.5 102 ACV engine I think

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I think my pump belt has just broken. I got my hand on it and it's slack although I can't pull it out. Does anyone know how easy it would be to fit a new pump belt at the side of the road and how to get it timed correctly? I've read there is a cover you can see a TDC marking and there is a...
  11. 51 plate 2.5tdi 102, cam belt or chain

    Engine & Gearbox
    Help i'm confused :confused:about what i have? i am currently getting quotes for cam belt and water pump change, i have asked a few of the local respected garages (knowing this is far from straight forward), and i have had varying quotes form £391 upto £530, with some saying they don't want the...
  12. 2.4d AAB Cam Belt question

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys, I'm In the process of doing the cam belt and have run into a problem... I have got everything apart to the stage where I now just have the B***ard crank pulley bolt to go.... the old belt can't be un-threaded with the crank pulley in place (obviously) I have read a few threads that...
  13. Fan belt - sounds like a banshee

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey guys and girls, I replaced my fan belt around October last year and the new belt started to slip a little causing that oh so awesome sound that everyone loves, the old one that was worn didn't. Now i've replaced the belt again for another one a few weeks ago and its getting worse. I know...
  14. Help, snapped alternator belt and other troubles!

    Engine & Gearbox
    This is my first post so hello to you all! Got a little problem, most probably brought on by my laziness. My alternator belt has been loose and squeeking for a while but before i had a chance to get it sorted it has snapped. This didn't seem a massive problem to me initially, but now there is a...
  15. "Mounting Seat Belts on the D Pillar - Who's Done it?"

    Ok so this is my first post on any forum - got to say this forum rocks, really helpful info all over it. I've been reading lots and lots of posts regarding rear selt belt fitting, but so far i've only really found speculations. To get my van interior the way i have been planning, i need to put...
  16. Kam / Cam belt - does it need water pump change as well?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I bought a van 5 months a go. It had a recent Cam belt change. I just took it in for it's annual service. The guy tells me it needs a water pump change.. and therefore the cam belt as well. is this true? It runs really well, doesn't over heat, generally seems OK? any help? Nick
  17. Lapbelt wanted & annecdote provided

    Hey everyone, I have got a rear seat that has the female end socket of the seatbelt but not the actual seatbelt strap itself or male end plug. Has anyone got one lying around? Bristol / SW region if poss. Thanks. Read on for recent amusing annecdote: Having fitted 6 single seats in my van...