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  1. Bentley PCD Re-Drilling

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi Folks, This has probably been asked before but I cannot find a thread that answers my query. I'm looking at a set of Bentley Continental GT 20" wheels that need the PCD re-drilled from 5x112 to 5x120. The inside of the wheel (i.e. the mating face that adjoins the hub of the van) has 5...
  2. Bentley Genuine Motorsport 19'' rims - £800

    Parts For Sale
    OK. Erm. There's been a discussion at home and these are back up for sale - I've not even fitted them... *SIGH* £800 - same price I paid for them on here - I will advertise them elsewhere for more and will split any profit with Higgy. Here's the thread I bought them from CLICKY The centres in...