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  1. Stonor Park 2013 - Oxfordshire & Berkshire regions hit Stonor!

    The Pub
    I've posted this elsewheree, but want to ensure that all who have anything to do with either Berkshire or Oxfordshire meets see this - and also thought the wider forum might enjoy at least one of the picsT: What a day! Last month saw this group (Oxfordshire region) pass the 2 yr mark. Today we...
  2. 27th January Cruise to Nelsons Diner, Newbury

    So a plan has been hatched by Forum members of the Oxfordshire Parish to have a cruise out on Sunday 27th January T: Current destination is Nelsons Diner, Near Newbury - should be confirmed today T: at which point this thread will be updated with location details. There will be meet up points...
  3. Bracknell VW meet - first Sunday every month

    Regional Meetings
    Something for Berkshire owners... The LTVVWC meet at South Park Bracknell every first Sunday of the month... https://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=281124418577432
  4. V-reg T4 in Scrappy near Wokingham

    Scrapheap Challenge
    The van is here http://www.a1groupcomp.co.uk/a1-car-spares.html It's a red v-reg with tailgate. It's been picked over - no engine, gearbox, sliding door and I've taken most of the dash. I was there this lunchtime. It does have a sliding door step cover which is used but should clean up to a...