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  1. General T5 Chat
    Hi, Not really sure where best to post this?(any mods pls move if needed :) ) I’m looking for a towbar mounted bike carrier for 3 bikes 2 of the bikes are ebikes..weight is 24kg each - 48kg 1 of them is a regular mtb - 14kg That’s 62kg total Any recommendations? I’m still yet to have the...
  2. General T5 Chat
    Hello! We've just bought our first camper after many years of me planting the seed and many recent months looking. It's a T5 2013 with double barn doors - we were after a tailgate but this van ticked all the other boxes. We're really pleased with it and are now looking for a bike rack to...
  3. General T5 Chat
    Hi all So we're off to Europe this summer and will be taking 3 adult bikes. I'm going to need a rack which has the following features: > Secure - the bikes and rack need to lock to the van > Able to carry 3 bikes > Decent quality > Won't attract the gendarme for number plate or lights being...
  4. General T5 Chat
    I have recently had a full camper conversion done and I'm trying to work out the best way to continue to transport my bikes inside the van. Has anyone come up with a good solution? Any suggestions appreciated ? Thanks
  5. Interior
    Hi all, I am going to be using my multivan to occassionaly take my motorbike on trips, trackdays etc. I have been looking at different ways of securing the bike in the back of the van, what I really want at the front is a fixed v-shaped guide to wedge the front tyre into. I had a small...
  6. General Van Chat
    Just picked up my new-to-me T4 Caravelle. (The power! The quiet ride! The air-con! Oh, this is bliss after my old T4 800-not-all-that-Special.) Thing is, I want to carry 2 bikes regularly (4 bikes occasionally) on the tailgate. Saw a fantastic rack today but close inspection showed it had a...
  7. New T5 Members Forum
    Having hired a lwb poptop T5 last year I took the plunge and bought a 2008 swb fixed hightop (Nu Venture Argyle to be precise). Apart from a couple of overnights near Lockerbie the van has mainly sat over the winter and is still starting and running well -as it should. I want to install the...
  8. General T5 Technical
    Has anyone used this model for T5 on tailgate model??? Any info is much appreciated... Looking to purchase towbar bike carrier, but don't fancy paying 300-400 when we only occasionally cycle! Cheers T:
  9. T5 Conversions
    Well, this seems like a good idea: http://www.seasucker.com/shop/mini-bomber/#tab-description Been trying to figure out a way to mount bikes (occasionally) on the back of my barn door (with spoiler) T5 without spoiling the lines (with a fiamma barn door rack, just ugly) or going for an uber...
  10. T5 Conversions
    Our bikes don't have horizontal crossbars so they don't seem to fit properly on a rear door Reimo rack. The fixtures that you clamp on to the crossbar don't seem to rotate to other angles. As the instructions that come with the rack are almost non-existent does anyone have any advice about how...
  11. General T4 Chat
    Does anyone have one of these? http://www.justkampers.com/shop/towball-mounted-bike-rack-j12026.html Seems incredibly good value if it's up to the job - feedback if you have one please?? Thanks
  12. Wanted
    Hi, I want to swap out my genuine VW T4 swan neck tow bar for a tow bar with a flange style with a bolt on tow ball, willing to do a direct swap or buy it from you. Not bothered about the electrics as I'll be keeping my system installed. I have a 1997 VW T4 California Coach (long nose). I want...
  13. General T5 Chat
    Hi All. Thinking of buying a 4 Bike Carrier for my T5 Caravelle. But Which to choose?? Should we go for the official VW one for about £400+Vat or are the Thrule or Fiamma ones ok for 1/2 the price?? Help! :* Mant thanks Kev & Sarah
1-13 of 14 Results