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bike rack

  1. Fiamma T5 Bike Carry Rack Barn doors

    Life Style
    For Sale Fiamma T5 Bike Carry Rack Barn doors 6 months old in good condition. Prefer collection but could arrange post or courier. Assembled and ready to fit at the moment but will need reassembly if posted. No instructions but I'll sticker and number connecting part before I pack. £180
  2. Need a gander at a genuine VW bike rack.

    T5 Conversions
    So I intend to solve the age old problem of spoiler and rack.... I'm pretty handy with tools and... hands... and intend to fit a genuine vw rack to my tailgate that has a spoiler. I'm trying to avoid looking like a weirdo/ getting a restraining order by nosing around people's vans and...
  3. Bike Rack for T4 AutoSleeper Trooper van

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, I am now after a bike rack (3 or 4 bikes) for my T4 based Auto Sleeper Trooper van. The rear door is full up opening and the roof is pop-up type (not sure even if you can have a bike rack with that?) What type of rack, 2nd hand etc If anyone has one or do's and dont's would appreciate it...
  4. parking sensors

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I am getting a T5 Campervan to which I will fit a Fiamma bike rack. I'm thinking of fitting rear parking sensors, but I understand the rear bike rack may interfere with them. Any advice out there? How necessary are parking sensors, OK without them? I will be using this as my car as well as a...
  5. FIAMMA Carry Bike VW T5 D

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hey, I thought I'd add some photos as I know I always find relevant pictures on this forum when looking to buy stuff :) "Fitted a bike rack at the weekend to the bus. Took 10 mins to fit it onto the vehicle, but about an hour to put it all together from the box! It's a FIAMMA Carry Bike (VW...
  6. Help - Bike rack fitting on barn doors with spoiler

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Does anyone have any experience of a bike rack fitting onto barn doors which are fitted with a spoiler?? :*:*
  7. Just Kampers Tow Ball Bike Rack

    General T4 Chat
    Does anyone have one of these? http://www.justkampers.com/shop/towball-mounted-bike-rack-j12026.html Seems incredibly good value if it's up to the job - feedback if you have one please?? Thanks
  8. Security. Locking bikes on a bike rack. ??

    T4 Conversions
    There must be a safer and more secure way than relying on the bike rack being fitted to the door and locking to that. Is there something on the market that you can lock through the doors, and lock to the bike rack. Anyone got any thoughts on this. Thanks.
  9. tow bar bike racks that allow the tailgate to open t5

    General T5 Chat
    Just a comment, as I have spent a long time researching tow bar mounted bike racks for a t5 tailgate model which would tilt enough to allow the tailgate to open, I have a eurobar towbar and fitted a maxxraxx 4 bike (from halfords £176) rack which is easy to fit, easy to tilt (if a bit heavy when...
  10. Bicycle mount

    General T5 Chat
    I've a t5 crew cab without bulkhead and looking for any ideas how to mount mountain bikes in the back to leave me most room for gear etc. anyone seen any nice DIY jobs or things u can buy. Any ideas greatly appreciated as biking trip to wales planned soon with 5-6 bikes.
  11. eBay lunacy / bike racks

    The Pub
    I had been looking for a bike rack for the van - decided on a towbar one, Thule 9403. Found one being auctioned on eBay, but the final bid ended up £120 + postage! So I got one brand new from Halfords for £140 instead, which is still a good price. Whoever paid that on eBay must be mad, but...
  12. Rear glass with cycle rack?

    General T5 Chat
    I am about to get my panel van converted to a camper. I am likely to have a Fiamma 3/4 bike rack permanently attached to the rear. Am I likely to see the benefit of having glass fitted to the barn doors i.e. will my rear view be obscurred to such an extent as to render the installation of glass...
  13. is araldite strong enough to hold a bike rack???

    Customising / Modding
    Hi - I've got what seems to be a bit of a hoary old chestnut of a problem... :confused: I've got a t5 barn door camper with a spoiler and I want a bike rack also. Don't really want to have a towbar unless absolutely necessary and also have bought a really nice bike rack called the Saris...
  14. T5 Bike Rack

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi I'm a short female with a gorgeous T5 but want to carry my mountain bike on the tailgate. The T4 bike rack is a perfect height for me but the T5 means I need to lift bikes almost above my head. Whilst I have a lightweight bike and sufficient muscles (!!) it would be great to not have to lift...
  15. T5 Barn door Fiamma bike rack For Sale

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hey Forum friends......i have got a Fiamma T5 Barn door style bike rack fro sale........it is brand new and never had a bike on it......i bought it, never used it......got offered good money for my van and now shopping around for cheaper t4......ive got a wedding to pay for so every pound counts...
  16. Genuine VW Towbar Mounted Bike Rack

    Parts For Sale
    VW Part Number 1T0071105G - Uebler (German Supplier to VW) Cost New £297.00 Used - Three times and cleaned thoroughly after use Condition - Used but Nearly New Asking for £225
  17. New Member Southampton

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi all, Just a quick note to say hello, T: Bought a T5 Caravelle Last October and loving it. Going on our honeymoon in it in May, Just us the van and the West Country, can't wait. Joind the fourm to get hints and tips on personalising the inside a bit to make it a bit more homly when we are...
  18. Anyone selling a bike rack &/or locking roof rack for T4?

    Am trying to kit the van out for a Europe trip during summer, and have been looking out for a solid bike rack (for t4 tailgate, ideally one of the fiamma or Atera Linea ones) and a set of locking roof racks. I'm on a bit of a budget, so new racks are out of the question for me at the minute...
  19. Wanted: Fiamma bike rack for T5

    Does anyone have a Fiamma bike rack for a double rear door T5 they no longer need and would like to sell? Ideally near Cardiff.