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  1. air mass meter - is it dangerous to leave it unplugged long term

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi i have recently purchased a 2.5tdi 03 which is running on bio diesel. it seems to lack the performance of a turbo engine (albeit its only 88bhp) and seems a lot slower in some respects to my old 2.4 t4!! However, when i unplug the MAF air mass meter, the performance kicks in Ok. no sensors...
  2. Veg oil/ Biodiesel and Fuel Filter changes

    Hi All I'm new here and have found it very interesting to read about people's experiences with veg oil/biodiesel. Helped me to decide to go for it. I have a 1992 2.4 Caravelle with an AAB engine. I'me just running it on my first tank of veg oil & biodiesel & pump diesel at a mix of: 20lt...
  3. Biodiesel

    Engine & Gearbox
    Anybody running their vans on Biodiesel? I have a year 2000 2.5L 88bhp and was wondering if it was possible? Are any mods needed? What are peoples experiences?:dunno: Cheers C_DT:
  4. Which Vans Run Veggie Oil WITHOUTH Conversion

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, Been reading loads about veg oil etc.. but I just want to ask a simple question. Can my exAA 2.5dti run on veg oil without any conversion? Do I just need to change fuel filters etc when fairly often. I think I need to run a mix... say 50/50 Oil / Veg but can I just do that 'right...