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  1. [SOLVED] Power Steering Bleed

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi all! VW 1996 T4 2.4d AAB Got a few things to do with this one, I'll make seperate posts for everything! For this one I need to bleed the power steering and get the air out, making a lovely noise when turning the steering wheel! Can someone give me some "for dummies" guidance on where the...
  2. Clutch slave cylinder replacement 03 acv 2.5tdi

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, i have a puddle of fluid on the floor and classic slave cylinder failure symptoms….( the master cylinder was replaced along with pedal box before i bought it and that looks all nicely aligned and is bone dry i have had 3 failures of these on previous t4 so i'm deffo not losing fluid...
  3. t5 long brake travel riddle

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    HELLO i wonder if you can help me solve this riddle with a soft t5 caravelle brake pedal 2.5 tdi 57 plate? When driving the brake pedal travels excessively before biting. If i brake again within a few seconds it seems better but after about 20 seconds without use the travel increases again on...
  4. Brake/clutch hydraulic bleeding kit

    Parts For Sale
    Gunson Eezibleed kit (uses the spare tyre air pressure, very easy to use!). This is used, but still got life in it. Did my brakes and clutch with it a while ago. £10 posted.
  5. T5 Rear bleed after calliper change.

    Hey there. I have a 2005/6 1.9tdi T5. Basic Problem/question: Changed rear callipers, not got the expected result after bleeding manually - Do you need a pressure system and VAG plugged in to bleed this ABS ESP system properly?? Details After on my last service it was recommended I change...
  6. how do I bleed coolant system 1.9td

    General Technical
    hi, how do I bleed the coolant system on a 1.9td please? did the glow plugs on my t4 today. first time I'd done it on a t4...seriously tricky! anyway...thought the sensor with wires was getting in the way so pulled out the circlip and removed it...very silly! lost the coolant. have now done an...