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blue motion
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  1. Electrical
    Well, thanks to lots of threads on this forum, I solved my battery problem. Im documenting this as some of the info I found was really helpful, but there was also a lot of misinformation on the web generally. Backstory: came back from holiday - 3 weeks of no van use - and I couldn't get it...
  2. Electrical
    Three questions actually: First, does fitting an after market Split Charging system (which just connects to van battery positive) invalidate the manufacturer's warranty? I have 2 years left. I plan to call dealer tomorrow but wanted to ask here first. Second: has anyone here fitted SC to a van...
  3. General T5 Technical
    Hello all We are thinking to buy a Bluemotion van I have see VW list a T27 Blue Motion which does 4mpg more than the standard T30 / T28 Blue Motion *Technology* vans. How can this be? Can anyone explain the difference? Engines are the same it seems. Is Bluemtion worth, do you reckon...
1-3 of 3 Results