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  1. Team Blue
  2. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Does anyone know what colour blue this is? and if it's possible to get a reasonably close vinyl match?
  3. Team Blue
    Just picked up our new van in the last week..2015 T5 Shuttle 140bhp DSG. Roll on the mods ?
  4. Parts For Sale
    Pair of lagoon blue door cards from an 03 Caravelle. The drivers side has a carpeted door pocket with the rare and obsolete speaker basket included, as are a pair of speaker grilles. I had a twin seat in my Caravelle originally so the passenger side has no pocket but has been adapted to house...
  5. Wanted
    Wanted t4 blue velour single captains seat, to replace my caravelle blue velour double front seat ! Also after a blue passenger door card and blue passenger side door pocket ! Thanks
  6. Team Blue
    Recently resprayed. Subtle baby/sky blue T4, 1.9td 800 Special (camper converted). Call her 'The Slug'!! :ILU:
  7. Team Blue
    Hi, I'm turning my transporter to the English style :ILU: is not normal to see dub vans in Spain. I am inspired by T5 forum to make modifications to my van. I'm still saving money to buy the coilovers.
  8. Electrical
    Started to clean my engine bay today as I had a massive oil explosion when the inlet pipe to the turbo came off and noticed that this blue plug had a wire hanging loose. Don't know if it was like this before I stuck my arm in or not but no idea where it's supposed to go. The other end is...
  9. Team Blue
    Here's my blue beauty, Dimples :D She's a 2.5 TDi with tailgate! Paint still a little "newly born" so have had to refrain from driving her around for now, but I could quite happily stare at it for hours on end lol Team Blue yeow!
  10. Vans For Sale
    For sale..... Here's the stats: VW T5, T30, 2.5 turbo diesel, 130bhp, 06 Plate, LWB, Colour coded, Lowered, 18" alloys, upgraded head unit and speakers, ply lined, insulated and carpeted, aftermarket hard wearing flooring, double bed (ample storage underneath for boards etc), mileage is...
  11. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    So I had Doug the Bug as a first car and the smurf mobile who was a blue lupo, but now this lovely blue T4 needs naming, so I'm open to suggestions, he is my new toy! I made the decision to insure 'untitled' earlier than I planned on xmas eve to make sure I avoided excessive rises to girls...
  12. Team Blue
    Hiya all, Team blue seems to be the place to be, is my latest purchase worthy ? He's an original colour...
  13. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi everyone I'm new the the forum, just put the deposit on my T4 to collect at the weekend. Hoping to convert to a day/campervan in the new year, very excited I've wanted one for a while, spent my childhood asking for my parents Type 2 when they died (they sold it and got a bigger van but have...
  14. Team Blue
    Hi guys - after 12 months of turning my panel van into a day van/camper i thought it was about time i shared it with you. I've has a massive amount of help from lots of people off the forum so a big thanks you to everyone. It's time to aply for some team blue membership! :ILU: Anyway - here it...
  15. New T5 Members Forum
    Well I have been a member on here for a coulpe of weeks and found loads of great info so far. I have taken collection of my T5 today and am looking forward to converting it over the next 12 months. Its a blue T5.1 T28 84ps. A:A: On the to-do list for the near future is alloys, lower, remap and...
  16. Scrapheap Challenge
    I will start breaking this on 14th Jan. Blue 1996 SWB. Details & Photos available on request. Open to offers on prices. Everything must go. I will post anything at buyers expense. Incomplete list of parts; Just to clarify, it is the newer style '96 van, with new seat base type, single piece...
  17. Vans For Sale
    I am selling my blue 53 plate vw t5 1.9dti camper van I have owed it for the last 2 years but due to a change of job I now need to sell it. When I bought the van it was just a panel van, I bought the units from a vw conversion garage in Cornwall, this was the garage where the sci top top roof...
  18. Vans For Sale
    *** Updated 10 Feb 2012*** Selling Price - £12,500 After two fantastic years of ownership I have decided to sell my T5, the reason being that I had such a good time customising it I now want to do another one!! I guess I'm a sucker for punishment. His name is Juan (the Van), and in the...
  19. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    obvious answer yeah yeah I know its blue I think someone either did an amazing paint job or its a factory blue, hopefully the latter so that I can match the colour for bumpers. but if anyone happens to know the vw colour that would be awesome, also does anyone know a good sprayer in Bournemouth?
1-19 of 27 Results