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  1. Stereo retrofit/upgrade options?

    Hi all. I've currently got a RCD200 type stereo in my carvelle - it sounds ok, but that's about it. I'd like to bring it a bit more up to date with the following features: Bluetooth Audio - I've already got a separate BT phone module overhead, but it only does calls - not sure how I integrate...
  2. RNS315 and Bluetooth

    Afternoon all, I've got an RNS 315 unit in my 2011 T5.1, however when I push the Phone button it just mutes the radio. Looking online it appears VCDS could unlock it, but I've also read differing threads about bluetooth not being internal. Does anyone have a definitive answer or easy way of...
  3. DAB and CD changer head unit to replace standard T4 radio

    Hi I'm looking for a radio to replace the standard one as I want to be able to get DAB radio. I also have a CD changer that works with the existing unit. I'm also interested in handsfree / bluetooth but mostly I want DAB and my CDs! What do I need to search for to find a replacement...
  4. No phone audio from VW T5.1 bluetooth radio

    Hi all, I'm trying to connect my phone to my bluetooth radio in my T5. Eventually the phone connects but when I try to play a song from my phone or make a call no audio comes though the van. Both the phones audio and the vans audio are on max volume. I've tried 3 different phones from android...
  5. Rns 315

    RNS 315 For sale. Unit is as new no longer required. Built in Bluetooth, sat nav, £350
  6. how to upgrade dash information on T5 (2009)

    General T5 Chat
    My 2009 T5 camper is a standard 1.9tdi t28 with the basic dashboard (no mfd, revs, speed, coolant temp and fuel gauge). After a year I am really missing some of the features on my car - fuel consumption, ave speed, distance/time travelled etc. Are the sensors for this already on the van so...
  7. Vw Bluetooth one touch kit.

    Having a clear out and have a genuine vw nsv Bluetooth kit new and boxed. £40 This is brand new and genuine VW
  8. Rns 510 for sale

    Genuine Vw Rns 510, Bluetooth module and wiring harness for sale.. £400
  9. 2005 T5 Audio upgrade DAB, RNS510, Bluetooth

    So after a bit of searching I cannot find the info or anyone else's project I have a T5 2005 LWB AXB Cruise but no electric Windows or MFSW. I am retrofitting RNS510DAB plus Bluetooth. I have bought and test fitted all the dash upgrade parts My DAB rns510 is on route. My OCD is for...
  10. Bluetooth Receiver

    Im looking for a bluetooth receiver that can plug into my Aux in on Radio/CD head unit and also can be charged via the 12v. For playing music from iphone etc. any suggestions or recommendations
  11. 1992 2.5L Petrol Eurovan Caravelle GL for parts

    Scrapheap Challenge
    1992 2.5L Petrol Eurovan Caravelle GL The van is in beautiful shape and working order except a blinking coolant lamp. The coolant does not leak. I have been to 2 workshops. They couldn't find the problem and said that they would just continue to drive. And I drove all the way from Sweden and a...
  12. RNS 510 Voice Problem

    Hi I have a 2013 63 plate T28 that came with 310 radio and bluetooth factory fitted. I have just retro fitted a new RNS 510 DAB F (2015 model, HW27, SW6270). All working fine (in fact great!) other than the Voice control. The existing mic is still working fine for phone calls through bluetooth...
  13. mobile phone bluetooth piggyback?

    on my 2006 multivan there is a mobile phone holder factory fitted going through radio speakers. It works using wires not bluetooth. The label says it works with nokia 6100, 6200, 6230i, 6220, 6610i, 7210i, and 7250i. I think it might be possible to get a bluetooth linking unit that plugs in the...
  14. VW Touch Bluetooth phone and RCD 210

    Genuine VW RCD 210 Radio CD with Bluetooth Touch (same as Bury 9060) handsfree kit. All in immaculate condition and full working order. Includes wiring harness and all instructions and radio code. Very simple to plug in. All you will need to complete installation is a microphone as this has...
  15. Pioneer Avh-8400BT error-10 Bluetooth problem

    Hi all Bought one of the pioneer 8400 units second hand eBay and had it installed a couple of days ago but for some reason the Bluetooth options are greyed out and when I press the phone button it shows ready but no options then after about 30 seconds shows an error 10 which apparently means no...
  16. Which headunit (stereo) to go for?

    Hi people I have a 57 plate T28 with standard headunit installation.I: In my previous vehicle I had an all singing all dancing Sony DAB unit with bluetooth and hands free capability. I miss this function as it meant I could make calls on the way to or from a job thereby saving time and...
  17. Kenwood 521 DAB For Sale

    I have just sold by facelift t5 kombi so have a few bits and bobs to sell... Kenwood 521 DAB unit - Used but in great condition, full working order, complete with box and instructions, still under Kenwood warranty. Includes... Kenwood iPod cable Kenwood Can Bus interface (plug and play...
  18. Meos Flip out DVD - Swap/px

    Swap Shop
    I have a Meos flip out DVD headunit, has bluetooth etc. Im looking to swap/px cash either way for any of the following Passenger swivel base Hob/Sink T4 Airbox Leisure battery / split charge Roof mounted Awning
  19. Aux In & Bluetooth Install

    First proper post on here, thought I would show off my first Mod. T5 - Installing subtle Aux in Socket into hazard tray above drinks holder. Followed by a Belkin Bluetooth Aircast – Connect Aux. £30 - £40. Belkin do make a cheaper version that doesn’t have Bluetooth so choose wisely. Has USB...
  20. Is this normal, a question of boost

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey all I'm talking about a 2003 AJT engine(88bhp) 161k on the clock white panel van with practically full service history and owned by a shop fitters company from new till I bought it. It had no fault codes it has the EGR blanked and the valve cleaned. It drives fine, its does the speed limit...