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bolts and spacers
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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hey guys, starting my conversion from Pannel to Kombi but want to keep my lashing points, i have the 6x the 2 bolt style and have found cups but i need some spoacers to cater for the raised floor, can i fit the single bolt ones despite mine being twin bot and does anyone have some spacers / long...
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    Can anybody help me to identify the make of these 18 inch wheels so I can find out what bolts they need? They look like they require 60 deg tapered kind. They are to go on my 2013 T5 T30
  3. Wanted
    (sorry for doubling this post in 'conversions' as well but wasn't sure where best to place it) I was just wondering if anyone out there is doing a conversion and wants to sell/donate their floor lashing tie down 'D' rings/surrounds/bolts and spacers? I need the following: 5 plastic surrounds...
1-3 of 3 Results