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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hi there. Does anybody know where I can purchase some brackets similar (ideally the same) as the ones on the attached photos? The left hinge is not catching and the right hinge is jammed open. I have tried to fix them but haven't had any joy. They look simple to remove from the sub-frame and...
  2. VAG Parts For Sale
    Genuine part - not cheap repro found on eBay. Good working order. £5 (postage not included). Top arm/bracket featured in the picture is NOT available. Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Managed to round the screws for the engine coil while trying to remove it, had to drill one screw out but the other one was impossible to reach. That along with rust under the mounting bracket...lets just say that I need a new bracket to fit my new engine coil I: Any of you know if its possible...
  4. Interior
    Evening all. Inspired by a post by paul71pc back in October 2014, I purchased the suggested swing arm and performed the mod, and fitted to my van in under 20 minutes. If anyone else fancies this I have put together a short guide explaining the process...
  5. Interior
    Does any one know where to buy the fitting kit for the armrest? 2003-2009 Thanks in advance.
  6. Engine & Gearbox
    Hello im after a 1.9td (abl) power steering pump bracket for my tdi conversion, and was wondering do all diesel t4's have the same bracket? thanks in advance and if you have a bracket can you give me a price please :ILU:
  7. Interior
    Hi, I know there have been threads on this before but they seemed to have dried up. Does any one know of or can recommend a TV mount and/or bracket that I can use to mount a 16inch LCD onto the B pillar of my T5? Preferably I want one where the VESA mount can be detached from the arm so I can...
  8. T4 Conversions
    I would like to fit a Fiamma F35 awning to my T4 - I have a pop-top and crucially a Reimo multirail, and there don't seem to be any Fiamma brackets for this configuration. Has anyone managed to mount the F35 on a T4 with multirail? There is a bracket for the T5...
  9. General T4 Chat
    Morning all, Does anyone have a photo of the ECU bracket on the later 2.5tdi? I need to make something up for my EDC15 conversion as they appear to be rarer than hen's teeth; am I correct in thinking that it bolts up to the battery tray? Ta.
  10. Interior
    Hi all, Sounds like a stupid question I know, but I'm trying to work out how a rear seat fixes to a seat frame in my T4. I bought a frame that originally went over the wheel arch, but I've since cut off one of the two legs and welded it back further from the other leg. So it now looks like...
  11. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, just bought a shuttle, having bespoke cabinets made for behind the drivers seat to house the smev9222 but I'm looking for ideas for the TV mounting. Obviously due to the handle, heater and seatbelt on the usual B pillar, I wondered if anyone knows where I might be able to get a suitable...
  12. Wanted
    Wanted - rear bumper T4 support brackets for full bumper version.
  13. Customising / Modding
    In pic they r marked as 1B. Does anyone can help? http://vw.vag-zapchasti.ru/pm/e5e570bd.gif
  14. Engine & Gearbox
    I need a bracket for the lower engine mount but the part no. and description Vw gave me yesterday when I search comes up with something that doesnt look like the part I need, and I need to get it fitted asap?? The actual part itself is the bracket that the lower engine mount bolts on to does...
  15. General T4 Chat
    Hi all i am in desperate need of a new drivers side headlight bracket for my 2000 short nose t4 its the plastic one that looks like this one below..( thanks if its your pic ) [] It has the mounting for the indicator mine has been broken in the past...the indicator was stuck in with...
  16. I.C.E
    Hi guys i have a custom made Tv bracket to mount your flip down tv on the roof, its made from galv sheet and mdf, if you want pics email me at [email protected] I'm looking for £30 plus p+p will look at offers
  17. Interior
    HI, I have just bought my new van and I love it!! I purchased a swivel base from ebay a little too quickly I think as it was sold as 'out of a T4'.....I have a bit of an issue now. As im sure you know at the base of a T4 seat there is a 'metal box' for want of a better word that I use to store...
  18. General Technical
    Hi, I was up in Thurso for a surfing trip last weekend. It was blowing an absolute gale. I made the mistake of opening my car door - with 2 hands on the handle - but I was still rather swiftly shot out of the van. Unfortunately the bracket that stops the door from swinging through 90° was...
1-18 of 20 Results