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brake compensator

  1. A DIFFERENT REAR N/S no fluid to caliper.

    Hi. I freed up and copper greased my mate's pads all round his '97 1.9 TDI but the nearside rear caliper piston only moves using the handbrake lever. I checked to see if foot pedal pressure forced brake fluid to the piston but it didn't. I was able to remove the bleed valve completely with no...
  2. Brake Compensator - Maintenance tips

    Hi I know this subject has been spoke about relating to lowered vans, but as the compensator is in the firing line for all the dirt and wet off the roads. Is there any regular maintenance tasks you should do to stop it from sticking, as my MOT keeps bringing it up as sticking. Or is it just...
  3. Rear breaks failed TK (MOT)

    Hello from Slovakia! Last week our van failed the Technical Control (like UK MOT) on the rear brakes. Braking force on them is fine when the handbrake is pulled but not when the pedal is pushed. Front brakes were fine. Force when handbrake is engaged is about 2.15kN on both sides, but only...
  4. t4 lowering compensator adjustment easy

    Steering & Suspension
    hey all i have a 1.9td t4 just lowered it on the back with my mrs, took about an hour, then due to reading the forum i tested the brakes. Took her up to 20mph hit the brakes and she locked on the rear. This is no good to me as i have a rock n roll bed going in on thurs and three kids to strap in...
  5. brake compensator

    Hi can anyone please tell me whats inside the main compensator block part? its the bit with 4 pipes coming out done loads of searching but cant find owt:( Thanks
  6. Brake load compensator valve or brake bias (calling Marko)

    Steering & Suspension
    I noted in another thread "Marko" mentioned setting up his brake bias after lowering his van. Im in a spot of bother myself. Ive lowered the van with CMC springs (60mm drop type)a year or so ago. Was very nice only now i have fully converted to camper and obviously im carrying a lot of weight...