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brake lights
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  1. Electrical
    Evening all just thought I would share an issue I have been having and how I solved it. The rear left cluster would operate fine if each element was used independently however if I indicated left and then braked the entertainment screen would beep and change intermittently between home screen...
  2. Electrical
    Hi guys, hoping someone here can can advise or point me in the right direction regarding a current issue I'm experiencing with my 65 plate T5. On a recent trip to Devon I got pulled by a driver who informed me that no brake lights were working (including the high level). When I got out and...
  3. Electrical
    Hi guys, decided to take the van for a run this morning but after about half a mile had a amber coil light flash on and off, now my brake lights are staying on permanently even with the key out of ignition , anyone with advise? Cheers Stuart
  4. Electrical
    Hi Guys, I had a problem with my front side-light and my brake lights which I have solved and thought others MAY benefit from this. The problem was, when I put my foot on the brake, not only would my brake lights come on but also one of my front side lights as well. If I switched on my side...
  5. Electrical
    Afternoon, Noticed today when getting out of the van that the brake lights were stuck on. That's engine off and keys out of the ignition. Pulled the fuse to save the battery, but not sure what's gone wrong? Checked the brake light switch above the pedal, *seems* ok, had an issue with it...
  6. Electrical
    Hi, I have a 99 T4 2.5 LWB. The coil light was flashing and after reading every post on here for 2 days I started at the brake pedal switch. I have changed that today although it wasn't exactly the same (shorter plunger) and after some time I have managed to get the coil light to stop flashing...
  7. Electrical
    Hi All, My 99 Caravelle has a socket at the top of the tailgate window that delivers 12V when the brake pedal is depressed, so I'm assuming it's for a high level brake light. It obviously doesn't have one fitted. Would the absence of this light be a cause for glow plug light flashing? I know...
  8. Electrical
    I've changed the bulbs, checked the fuses... and I've just read about the brake light switch... is this easy to see/check?
1-8 of 8 Results