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brake switch

  1. Brake lights - stuck on

    Afternoon, Noticed today when getting out of the van that the brake lights were stuck on. That's engine off and keys out of the ignition. Pulled the fuse to save the battery, but not sure what's gone wrong? Checked the brake light switch above the pedal, *seems* ok, had an issue with it...
  2. 1.9 tdi , brake sw

    Engine & Gearbox
    can anyone who has done the tdi conversion tell me the part no of their brake switch. the one off the golf loom that conects to ecu thanks
  3. Expert elec needed please

    Hi, I have a 99 T4 2.5 LWB. The coil light was flashing and after reading every post on here for 2 days I started at the brake pedal switch. I have changed that today although it wasn't exactly the same (shorter plunger) and after some time I have managed to get the coil light to stop flashing...
  4. brake light switch

    hi have glow plug light flashing which starts after about 5 seconds whether vehicle is running or ignition is on i have read the posts about brake lights being a possible cause both brake lights are working with double fillament bulbs fitted can the switch still be faulty if both lights are...