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  1. T4 2.5 TDI 1998 brake fluid reservoir cap design

    I have an ATE four floating caliper brake system which I've just overhauled due to internal corrosion suggesting excess moisture in the fluid. During the overhaul first thing I noticed is that my master cylinder reservoir cap has a diagram as opposed to a breather cap. My diaphragm had a split...
  2. Front Brake Hose Replacement Advice

    'Evening All, Failed my MOT and amongst the list of jobs to do is replacement of the front brake hoses. They are the original pipes, 13 years old and and live in a hard place so probably need a fresh set. Is there any tips tricks of special tools required? I have read here that, when bleeding...
  3. brake servo number 7D2 612 101 G or 03.7757-3302

    Hi all following on from another thread about brake servo part numbers, can anyone help with an equivalent TRW or ATE part number for the below servo number 7D2 612 11 G or think this might be the ATE part number ? 03.7757-332.4 my vehicle is a caravelle 2003 2.5 tdi 102bhp Many thanks in...
  4. Big deadzone on brake pedal

    Recently I have been running into some trouble with the brakes on my T5 from 2007.Originally the brakes were really, really sharp, and just a light touch of the brake pedal would offer quite a nice amount of braking. However, we've had some issues with the brake fluid being too high, resulting...
  5. Changing front to rear brake pipes

    I have an MOT advisory on both rear left and right brake pipes corroded. Had a look underneath and it?s the pipes that go from the inner flexible hoses towards the front over the full tank. Went to TPS to get a price for the bits and they gave me a printout with all the pipes on, the two pipes...
  6. T4 servo problem

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    T4 newbie here with a 2000 2.5tdi brake problem. At low revs/idle the brake peddle goes hard but seems to be fine when motoring. I suspect that vacuum in servo is being lost? Has anyone experienced this and found the solution?
  7. Judder/vibration when braking

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I've got a 03 T4 with 162000 on the clock. Basically it feels like there's a warped disc at the front when braking but I've had disks and pads changed all round and its made no difference. It went into smashing VW in Leeds last week for a couple of bits, they did have a quick look into...
  8. Brake/clutch hydraulic bleeding kit

    Parts For Sale
    Gunson Eezibleed kit (uses the spare tyre air pressure, very easy to use!). This is used, but still got life in it. Did my brakes and clutch with it a while ago. £10 posted.
  9. Hello all, (sort of) new Bristol member asking for help

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hey all, had my 2005 T5 TDI pretty much a year now. I registered on this forum back when I got the van, but never got round to reading much or posting before. I just got on with enjoying using my van :) As you have probably guessed, I am finally posting here as I could do with some advice or...
  10. Handbrake tensioning spring - anyone got one?

    Hi There, Looking under my van I noticed that the handbrake tensioning spring has snapped: Does anyone have one, or know where I can get one? Many thanks, Ant
  11. Argh..... Rattle!! Please Help.

    Right so i have had a metallic sounding rattle coming from the rear passenger wheel for a while. This can be heard inside the van and even louder from outside the van. Took it to the garage the other day and my mate said that all the bushings and shocks and springs are all fine, even took a look...
  12. Brake caliper 13mm/15mm retaining bolt

    Just been out to change the rear pads on my 1.9td, as i noticed that the rear drivers disk has not been working properly as i could see rust marks that were staying when all other disks were being rubbed clean with use. i managed to get the old pads out and just about got the new ones in place...
  13. Clicking brake pedal

    My brake pedal has started clicking around 1 in 10 times when I use my brakes. The brakes still work, my brake lights still come on and I get no errors on my dash. It sounds like its coming from the pedal itself, and it's a high pitched click rather than a thud. Sounds like a really really loud...
  14. T5 front caliper clearance

    Hi folks, first post by a new member. I recently changed vans, 1999 T4 to 2006 T5, both 1.9's LWB. When I test drove the new van I noticed a lot of brake judder and on closer inspection found the front disks to be very worn and almost certainly warped, did a bit of haggling with the seller and...
  15. Brake bleeding/binding

    I bled my brakes this weekend, and all seemed fine....until driving back from my mate's the brakes kept jamming on. Called out the RAC who told me that for T4's you're only supposed to half press the brake peddle when bleeding the system, or you dislodge an O-ring in the master cylinder, which...
  16. wanted T4 Rear Caliper carrier

    need a rear caliper carrier, the lucas type for vw t4 2.5 tdi 2003 need it before friday as suposed to be at a show :| if any one can help
  17. Motorquip pads, utter rubbish. Mintex, superb!

    Ever since i fitted new discs and pads to the front of my velle they have been squeeling, making horendous noises and generally not working very well. I though like previous times they would sort themselves out after a bit of bedding in time but it wasn't the case with the Motorquip ones. I have...
  18. brake disc bore

    Just a quick question for sanity before I purchase some new front brake discs. Im sure the bore of the brake disc is 68mm, am I right!!:*
  19. What's this thing for? - on master reservoir...

    Did a bit of a service ready for hols - including checking out brakes and bleeding them. Found the black rubber nipple thingy on top of master cylinder reservoir has a lump missing from it. Just behind the yellow filler cap in pic below. Looks like some kind of little plunger thing under it. The...