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  1. Petrol engine Brake Servo

    General T4 Chat
    I have a petrol 2.5 automatic 1996 with a faulty brake servo. The part numer is 701612101H Any idea where I can get a replacement? Would one for a diesel engine version fit?
  2. Calliper/pad rattle t5.1

    I’ve got an issue with the calliper or pads rattling on my near side rear brake. I’m not sure if there’s too much float in the calliper or if the springs retaining the pad are not doing their job properly. video here for reference Any one had any experience with this problem? Thanks a lot.
  3. suspension and brake upgrade - is it worth it?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I've seen that some people tend to lower their suspension, which looks nice, and some talk about improving the ride. Is it the case that the result gives a more comfortable ride over stock set up, or that it gives more sporty handling only and looks good? Also, are brake upgrades worth it...
  4. brake lines

    What does everyone do to stop their brake pipes corroding? I've put grease on mine which seems to get comments on the MOT? Cheers in advance
  5. Rear caliper sliders - 2005 T30

    Hi, Had squealing back brakes, so thought worn or glazed pads. Disassembled to find calliper slide bolts seized, which to say someone had put new discs and pads in prior to purchase - bit disappointing! Anyway freed them off, but also looks like there had been and issue before as a bolt/slider...
  6. new brake caliper

    Anybody got a good web address/ anyone they recommend to get new calipers from? Have come across this company Energised customs selling calipers for £45. My questions is should we stick to recognised makes like pagid but pay double at places like eurocarparts? Any help would be great! Cheers all
  7. brake upgrade 2.5 AJT TDI

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi everyone. I'm looking to install an OEM intercooler on my 88bhp 2003 4 pin long nose (if anyone has one to sell?), and then plan to get a remap. But I want to be able to stop well with the extra power. So can I upgrade the brakes relatively easily/ do I need to put on bigger calipers etc. Did...
  8. Servo vacuum pipe

    Hi, hope someone can help... I have a split servo vacuum pipe which has temporarily been taped up but obviously needs replacing. The garage tell me that the part is no longer available (part number 702611931AJ) and a quick google backs that up. Does anybody know different or have a different...
  9. ABS and Brake Warning Lights are on permanently

    I'm asking for a friend of a friend so this is all 3rd hand but... T4 99 California 2.5TDI ABS and brake lights are on permanently VW main dealer said it's water ingress to the ABS controller that needs replacing but quoting £3k He's looked for parts himself but can't track any down Bosch part...
  10. ' 95 T4 Brake Servo Vacuum Hose Replacement

    Anyone know where I can get hold of this part for my T4? Part no: 702611931AL Best I can find is from Europe for about £70. I was hoping I might be able to pay a little less for a piece of hose! :[
  11. Unidentified scraping / squeek

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, this is my first post here. I will be very greatful for any help to identify the cause of this problem. My mechanic says he doesn't know what's causing the sound! I'll first describe the sound and then let you know what we have already tried. The van is a VW T5 2007 Caravelle. There is a...
  12. Soft Brake Pedal

    Hi Guys i need your help and expertise, the other day the better half was out in the van and when approaching a round about couldn't stop, she came back and told me that the brake pedal had gone all the way to the floor and there was no brakes, she said on the way back she was pumping the...
  13. Caliper problem driving me mad!

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, I have recently replaced front discs and pads on my 2007 t5 shuttle 2.5. A job I have done 3 times before since owning it. Driver side done first no issues. Passenger side however seemed to go without issue til test drive after to find a horrible sound as if a stone was caught in the...
  14. Break Fluid Leaking around rear ds calliper

    I need a little help. Yesterday the red ! warning light appeared on the dash followed by three beeps. I later discovered it relates to a break issue, only I discovered this by following a trail of what looked like grease that had splattered around the rear driver side wheel arch. So I got under...
  15. Caliper Pins Grease recommendation

    so much discussion on what to use for greasing caliper pins, have arrived at the conclusion and was recommended silicone WITH PTFE grease. Silicone is good in the presence of rubber seals on calipers & the high temps but doesn't have the load characteristics required which the PTFE content...
  16. Lack of power on t4 PETROL 2.5 ENGINE

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have recently purchased an auto sleeper camper on a VW T4 base. Engine is 2.5 petrol, 28000 on the clock. Coming home yesterday it felt very under powered and with foot flat on the floor it was slow to pickup any speed. Almost feels like brakes could be binding. Once home and stationary the...
  17. t5 long brake travel riddle

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    HELLO i wonder if you can help me solve this riddle with a soft t5 caravelle brake pedal 2.5 tdi 57 plate? When driving the brake pedal travels excessively before biting. If i brake again within a few seconds it seems better but after about 20 seconds without use the travel increases again on...
  18. Help, Binding Brakes VW T4 2.5tdi ex AA - Advice needed

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi All, I need some help. Firstly, can anyone recommend a garage near Bath that is good with T4s and honest? Secondly I could do with some advice. I have a problem with the brakes on my T4 binding. The symptoms are as follows; I was advised by my local garage to change the brake hoses as...
  19. New Master cylinder and still sinking

    Anyone know how a new master cylinder can present the same problem? what are the chances! With engine off - the pedal is solid and doesn't creep. No leaks around the slaves. When turning on the engine the pedal sinks to the floor. I don't get it - the vacuum only assists the pedal. Help!
  20. t4 Brake Servo help

    I have 1999 T4 1.9 TD with a faulty brake servo, currently having problems sourcing one. Does anyone know if there any other makes or models that would be compatible?